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  Holographic nails! Remember the infamous Gosh Holographic nail polish? I say infamous because it was so damn near perfect, yet so far...


Holographic nails!

Remember the infamous Gosh Holographic nail polish? I say infamous because it was so damn near perfect, yet so far away. It was absolutely beautiful, but I remember having to apply three coats to make it completely opaque. Not only that, it only lasted a day. Three coats, one day. The longevity is so bad, it turns out Gosh have rebranded it as a 'One Night Wear' polish!

Anyway putting Gosh to one side, I've been hankering after some holographic nail polish for a long, long time. Problem with that is there isn't really all that many decent ones out there, so I bit the bullet and purchased Color Club's 'Harp on It' from eBay for £8.99. I'd never purchased a Color Club polish before, so it was a mini-adventure in to the unknown.


Hello rainbow!

And now you see why I adore holograph so much! From afar, it appears to be a solid block of grey, but as you close in on it a mosaic of rainbow coloured specs appear like magic. I love that concept for two reasons: firstly, it reminds me of Manchester. The perception of it is a dull, grey, rainy northern city of gloom, but if you look closely you see a bright, vibrant city. And this is similar for people too, there's more to an individual than meets the eye. Check me out with my little philosophical ponderings... I'll shut up now!

So back to the polish, and the first thing to note is the application is like a dream. Effortless. The brush is the perfect size so there was no need for a clean up operation on the cuticles afterwards. It took two coats to give it an opaque look and I must say I love the finish, leaving a glass-like shine that wasn't dulled by my Sally Hansen Insta-Dri topcoat.

The colour is to die for, it looks like a plain, yet super shiny, metallic silver from afar, but just like when it's in the bottle, the closer you get, the more you begin to notice the little specs of rainbow magic.

Cue show-off shots...


Yes it applies well and yes it looks stunning, but how about longevity? Unlike Gosh's feeble attempt, Color Club have got it spot on and I was really impressed. The photos above were taken on Day 3 and not a single chip in sight, you can just about make out that the tips are beginning to fade but that aside, it's still pretty good. The first chip arrived on Day 5, which is good for me as I've been slacking with Nail Polishes lately. I've gone from doing my nails every other day to once a week.

I've spotted a couple of other holographic nail polishes by Color Club on eBay, it's oh so tempting aand might just get back on the wagon...  

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  1. That's amazing! I love that it reminds you of Manchester too, my neck of the woods x

  2. Freaking awesome! It looks like you've got holographic nail foil on, it so flawless! And wowza, I do fancy your pointed nails! So unique and eye catching!

  3. That polish looks stunning!!! The fact it lasts as well definitely makes me want to pick it up. <3

    Juyey Xx

  4. It looks fab! I haven't tried any holographic nail polishes myself.

  5. Ohhh, I love holographic nails. FUN FUN FUNN! Loving the shape too, daggers to my heart xo

  6. Love it! The shape of your nails is amazing! <3
    Just Followed you :)


  7. Oh wow, they look amazing. I definitely need to look into this product.



  8. Absolutely amazing! I need to get my hands on this! xx

  9. This colour looks gorgeous! Not bad for under a tenner :)


  10. Oh very cute nail polish!


  11. wowwww dreamy ^_^... Love your nail paint <3

  12. Wow...it looks stunning...:-)

  13. The colour is just incredible. I love how you've shaped your nails too. They look incredible!

    Katie <3

  14. love your nails ! This nail polish is just stunning :))

  15. Ooohhh another holo fan! I love holos too! There's just something special about seeing rainbows on my nails.

  16. Day 3 and not a single chip? How crazy!! I need this polish.. love holographic ♥


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