OUTFITS: The Human Mermaid

  So I'm not actually a human mermaid. If I was, I'd have gills to breathe underwater with and I'd probably be in a horribl...


So I'm not actually a human mermaid. If I was, I'd have gills to breathe underwater with and I'd probably be in a horrible claustrophic tank at SeaWorld competing for attention with Shamu. No, I'm not quite a human mermaid but I did receive the most stunning top for Christmas. It's a multi-shaded iridescent turquoise sequin number with a strong resemblance to the scales of a fish!

The top is from Topshop, which came as quite a surprise to me as I never once saw it in store! Had I seen it, I'd have been all over it within seconds, naturally! Sadly though, it doesn't come with matching midi skirt, then I could take the mermaid look to a whole new (slightly frightening) level. Shame I have legs though. Ugh.

Instead, I had to make do pairing it with a prom mesh dress. The dress itself is lovely and a bit cutesie, but I'd definitely recommend wearing a pair of tights with it, as it can get quite uncomfortable what with the mesh scratching away at your skin all day.

It was a bit of a pain photographing the whole outfit, it's just *so* dark out, and photos just don't seem to turn out the way you want them to. I'm sure some of you can relate! Bring back long summer days please!








All Over Sequin Tee - TOPSHOP // Mesh Prom Dress with Velvet - Motel Rocks // Green Quartz Ring - H&M // Silver & Black Cut Out Clutch - Dusty Diamonds 

In some of the close-up shots you may notice my new nose ring! I'd already had my nose pierced twice in the exact same place before, but took out the piercing both times and let it heal. Well, I woke up one morning and thought: 'I want my nose ring back.' So I dug out an old (sterilised!) nose ring and tried to squeeze it in, but it only went so far before hitting a wall of flesh. 

I toddled off to a piercing shop in central Manchester to have it re-pierced in the exact same place. I'd forgotten how odd, and painful, it feels to have a huge needle jammed up your nose! Anyway, I'm thinking I'll keep the nose ring for a bit if only to get used to having some metal in it. Seriously contemplating a septum piercing!

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  1. Nose piercings all day :)

    Lovely top. Looking gorgeous you mermaid! xo

  2. Love the colour of the top it matches your hair, which is amazing.

  3. I like the nose ring! Keep it! *nose ring love* The bag and top are awesome!

  4. i am in love with your hair! the top is cute

  5. Your hair color is so awesome. But your eye makeup and eyebrows: even better!

  6. Absolutely love your hair and secretly want your bag x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  7. You look great that top is beautiful, and looks great with the skirt. I know what you mean about itchy skirts I have a few that I battle through. I've Bern thinking about a septum piercing too bit I worry it would get caught up with my nose ring.
    Love your ombre eye look

  8. You look absolutely gorgeous! Love the hair and outfit is amazing. Don't we all wish we were human mermaids?! Minus the gill part though, I think I'd get some odd looks...

    Katie <3

  9. wow i love your hair and that bag is amazing xx

  10. Absolutely love this outfit, top especially!
    I think you'd suit a septum! And you can always hide it on days when you're tired of it :)
    Saadiya x


  11. Waaah, that top is amazing! What an awesome gift.

    Tara xo

  12. I wanted this top so bad in the Xmas season but I just didn't want to fork out on another sparkly top. I wish I did! Looks lovely x


  13. Oh you're so pretty, very mermaid like indeed :) I love everything about your style, from your gorgeous mermaid hair and piercings to your perfectly done make-up and fabulous outfits. xxx

  14. love it babe. Im drooling over that top and bag!

  15. amazing pics.....try indian kurtis sometimes...you will look fab in them :)

  16. wanna see you in Indian ethnic clothes .....you got nice personality (:

  17. A fun look. Intrigued to what coat you would put with it xx

  18. that is such a gorgeous top girlie!i love the colour and of course as always im loving your hair & make up!!

  19. You rock!!! Love the clutch bag. Excited to see the next...

  20. That bag is absolutely incredible...love it xx

  21. love this top... wouldn't be selling it any time soon would you??


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