OUTFITS: The Topshop Feather Capelet

  The Topshop Feather Cape You know the script by now: I'm walking through the Arndale Centre, it's a dull, grey, rainy day o...


The Topshop Feather Cape

You know the script by now: I'm walking through the Arndale Centre, it's a dull, grey, rainy day outside and I'm soaked right through. To make my mood even worse, I've already been to H&M, Miss Selfridges and New Look but found nothing of note. I'm walking past Topshop, and like a gale-force wind, something knocks me off my feet.

On this occasion, my eyes were drawn to a mannequin that looked seven feet tall with an imposing black feather cape that gave off a petroleum-style sheen under the bright spotlights as I circled it in sheer awe. My brain split into three: one stood open-mouthed gawping at it, the second questioning if such feathers came from a real bird and the third declaring "BUY" in capslock.

Imposing really is the right word for this: it's huge, the feathers look frighteningly real, as if a giant crow dipped itself in petrol and shed its feathers. It's one of those pieces rarely seen on the high street.

Next to this Black garment of beauty was its angelic nude equivalent. Whilst it looked nice, it lacked the same aura and physical presence of its satanic sister. With black, it could easily be paired up with almost anything you could possibly own, ever. Whereas the nude one could only ever go with lighter shades and would risk making you look a bit too much like a giant chicken.

As for my outfit, I've paired mine with this stunning metallic Maxi dress I purchased way back in 2011 in preparation for my trip to Nepal. I wore it on one of the days of my friend's wedding out there, but since returning it's been collecting dust at the back of the wardrobe. I know, criminal!

Dresses like this are the reason I find it so difficult to part with my clothes, I put them in my wardrobe, leave them there for ages and 're-discover' them at a time when I want to clear some space. Having good taste is such a burden at times(!)

 DSC_1427 DSC_1411
 DSC_1440 DSC_1439
 DSC_1484 DSC_1449

Mix Feather Cape: Topshop || Bronze Metallic Split Maxi Dress: Miss Selfridge || Gold & Black Prayer Beads Necklace: Gift || Multi Row Gold Diamante Cuff Bracelet: Gift

The necklace on display is actually a set of prayer beads brought back from Hajj by my brother, I've had prayer beads ever since I can remember and it's great that they can be so multi-functional. The Gold and Diamante Bracelet was a gift from my sister a while back and the goosepimples on my arms were courtesy of Manchester!

If you've been following me on Instagram lately, you'll have noticed my new hair. Keep your eyes peeled for a post on that soon!

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  1. Ahh before I continued reading I was going to point out the goosebumps lool.

    Fabulous cape darling, more extravagant than the one I own. Love how you pieced it together, unique and all you baby!! Xo

  2. Lovely cape! I remember being in Topshop Arndale and seeing it, thinking should I? I regret not purchasing it! It is lovely!


  3. Wow, that is seriously such a statement piece. You look beautifully shiny. It makes me think of Morrigan, the Welsh goddess of Death and Crows. She is amazing, and you could do a really good costume of her with that.

  4. I want this cape so bad, it looks amazing on you. My local Topshop has only one left and I've been eyeing it for the last couple of days.

    Sharon x

  5. Gosh, your cape is so beautiful! It's even more gorgeous than the Kardashian one from Lipsy. I also love re-disovering pieces of clothing that have been tucked away in storage. <3

    Tara xo

  6. Fabulus outstanding look! Love it! new follower!

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  7. Wow this is amazing, so different! Gorgeous look!


  8. Loving the cape! I wanna get me some feathery wings!!!

    Katie <3

  9. This look is all kinds of amazing <33 seriously that cape!! AHH MY GOD such a statement piece x


  10. wow!! great color combination!!!
    its really amazing look!!


  11. This outfit looks so cool, I love the dress and especially how you combined it!

  12. Could I please ask you what your cape costed from new and are you interested in selling yours? I'm so in love with it, and regret not buying it when in stores! I'm so desperate that I'm writing on a 2 year old post!
    Please leave a comment on my blog or send me an email at saranielsen@rocketmail.com, if interested. Thanks!



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