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  Illamasqua's Apocalips When I first laid eyes on this gorgeous teal lipstick, waves of nostalgia crept up behind me and swept ...


Illamasqua's Apocalips

When I first laid eyes on this gorgeous teal lipstick, waves of nostalgia crept up behind me and swept me away in to a world of wonderful reminiscence. Back in my teens, I was quite alternative you see. Not a goth or a punk, I wasn't in a 'group' as such, I just liked things that few others did at the time. I'd always be colouring my lips in with different coloured eye-liner pencils, anyone else remember Outdoor Girl? Ha!

Anyway, I'd never actually leave the house with any of the eyeliners on, I just wasn't bold enough back then! My absolute favorite of theirs was this beautiful turquoise shade, naturally! It's crazy though, I couldn't even begin to describe to you how much my life has changed since then yet one thing has remained constant: my love for turquoise. So it was with an air of inevitability then, that I purchased Illamasqua's Apocalips. It just had to be mine.

 DSC_1189 DSC_1159 

I know it isn't strictly turquoise, it's more of a teal shade, but it's still a part of the bluey-green family, if anything, a little to the blue side. The finish is very matte, to the point where you'll find some dragging when you apply to the lips. I made the rookie mistake of applying this straight to the lips without my Blistex Relief Lip Cream. Wow, it dragged like there was no tomorrow, every teeny little flake on my lips was blown out of proportion, making my lips look like a blue prune. Sexy!

But once I'd wiped it off (I know, waste!), gave it a good scrubbing and rubbed in some lip cream, I gave it another shot. This time, the application was far smoother and I saw Apocalips in all its glory for the first time. The pigmentation is incredible, the colour is really full-on, more so than I expected and the lasting power is to die for, it takes about 6 hours for it to start fading away into a teal stain.

Having said that, my lips did seem to get quite dry throughout the day, so I applied a touch of my Blistex on top.
 DSC_0952 DSC_0917

Apocalips is without doubt my choice of lipstick whilst gallivanting around Manchester at weekends.

It really is one of those truly, and unmistakably, unique shades. Very rarely does one come across anything quite like this on the high streets unfortunately, we aren't blessed with readily available OCC Lip Tars or Lime Crime here in the UK, so I take my hat off to Illamasqua!

There are a couple of things to point out though: not just anyone can wear this, you have to be bold, crazy or comfortable enough with yourself to face the outside world with a teal lipstick on! Also, I've found it to be Marmite-esque. People either love it or they hate it, haven't had anyone yet say something neutral like: 'Yeah it's ok, I guess...'

I've been pairing up my Apocalips with some 60s Pop Art style eye make-up, something I've really latched on to this year and have been improving on as the months go by, they just seem to go together like Jam and Toast!

I can't wait to see Illamasqua's next daring lipstick!

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  1. Lima this really suits you! can't imagine you wearing a nude shade ^^ Just love how you do your liner!!!
    I should really check out illamasqua because I have still not tried anything from that brand :(

  2. It looks amazing on you. I could never pull off that shade but you do it so well!

  3. What a vibrant colour! I love that it matches your hair. <3

    Tara x

  4. WOW! You look amazing Halima! I could never pull this off in a million years but you totally work it!!! xxx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  5. aww you did an amazing job! this make up is so stunning so as your hair!
    i'm now following for more!

    SHE WALKS Blog

  6. Such an unusual lip colour but I love it! Your hair is amazing x

  7. This lipstick looks so gorgeous on you with your hair and of course your awesome eye make up!you 100% pull it off!:)xx

  8. Love your liner skills! the lipstick is hot!

  9. This looks stunning on you :O it also matches your hair such a pretty colour xx
    GLAMGLOW + Macadamia Oil Giveaway

  10. Matches you hair perfectly. Illamasqua has such great pigmented products.

    Zubie | Zubie's Musings

  11. I think very few people have the look to pull off crazy colored lipsticks but you're definitely one of those girls who can pull off just about any color! I think its amazing with those contacts and your hair right now!

  12. This looks like such a bold and fun lipstick to play around with! The colour is certainly unique and statement-making :)

  13. Love it, looks so darn good on you and your mermaid colored hair is to die

  14. beautiful look and colors-paul


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