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     For the past couple of years, my 'go to' every day eyeshadow has always been MACs creamy beige Brule . Everyone loves Brul...

 For the past couple of years, my 'go to' every day eyeshadow has always been MACs creamy beige Brule. Everyone loves Brule, its light neutral tone matches up perfectly with my skin making it great for my everyday eyeshadow look. Thing is, I hit pan on Brule recently and as much as I love it, I also love to mix things up. This was the perfect opportunity for change.

I wandered into the Boots in Manchester City Centre on the hunt for something new, something different to replace my beloved Brule. I was more than a little confused though as they'd changed the layout seemingly overnight, so I didn't really know where everything was. Then, out of nothing I spotted a sparkly little pot of lilac goodness just begging to be bought. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing Bourjois Paris' Intense Eyeshadow No.11!


While the colours may be different, Intense Extrait is on a similar level to Brule in that the colour isn't too bright or bold yet still manages to brighten up the eye area, giving that wide-eyed appearance. 

Intense Extrait is from the Bourjois Intense range, which they claim to be highly concentrated and will last up to 16 hours. No. 11 is a pale lilac colour with streaks of silver running through it. In the pan it looks so, so pretty!


Let's take a moment to drown in the gorgeousness of this!

For the application I swirled my brush around the lilac moon-like surface and found that whilst it may be tightly packed into the pan, the powder loosened easily and clung to the brush. Then it's just a case of giving your lids a liberal sprinkling!


Upon application, I realised just how intense the pigment really is! I do have to confess that I was a little skeptical before trying it as I've used other Bourjois shadows in the past that have left me less than impressed, to the point where I've had to apply them wet to get the desired intensity. None of that business here!

The glitter contained within is finely milled, which is a big bonus. I don't really like having big clunky, heavy chunks of the stuff on my eyelids! What impressed me most though was the fall-out. We've all been there with glittery shadows, most of it ends up on your cheeks by the end of the day, but the glitter within Intense Extrait stays exactly where you want it. On the lids. YES!


How intense does this look? It's pretty opaque and you can see that the glitter has stayed put and not gone walkabout all over my cheeks. I HEART that this doubles up as an inner corner highlighter! 
I can't 100% verify Bourjois' claim that this stuff lasts 16 hours, the longest I've gone with it on was 12 hours. I do have to say though that it really does stick around, so 16 hours isn't outside the realms of possibility.

I'm incredibly impressed by this little number from Bourjois. As pretty as their shop displays usually are, I have tended to find myself skipping over it out of ignorance. Intense Extrait has opened my eyes though so I will definitely be giving Bourjois the time of day once more. Not only that, but Intense Extrait has also opened my 'Everyday lids' to the possibility of shades other than beige!

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  1. Wow it looks gorgeous!i always love your eye make up!:)x

  2. That shade is gorgeous.
    I haven't tried any Bourjois shadows, I will have to look at the intense range now. 12 hours wear is also amazing. :D

    Juyey xx

  3. Wow your eyes look stunning. Will have to check this out!
    Your eyeliner is perfect and can't wait for you to start your YouTube videos :)


  4. This colour is so brightening on you! I've used bourjois eyeshadows in the past and have not been impressed with the lack of pigmentation. Will be having a look at them next time I go to Boots/ Superdrugs

  5. I love bourjois eyeshadows. They're so lovely!
    And this is STUNNING.
    You have a talent. Like an eyeshadow blending queen haha
    <3 xx

  6. I love how long-lasting it is. Such a beautiful shade!

    tara x

  7. The shade is beautiful and I love how unique you made your eye look :) Great job!

    xo Mel
    Selfhelp | Inspiration | Positivity

  8. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog while I was away.
    Wow what a perfect lilac shadow- I love how subtle the glitter is- and the Kontrol lipstick is amazing. I'm glad you've built up the confidence from last year

  9. your make up is just ART! It's amazing what you are able to do!!
    amazing work cutie! :) xxxxx


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