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  Lately I've been getting a little bit bored with my hair, I wouldn't quite call it a 'rut' just yet, but it's get...


Lately I've been getting a little bit bored with my hair, I wouldn't quite call it a 'rut' just yet, but it's getting close. I've been attempting to grow it out long for a while now, but it's so difficult to resist that urge to chop off a few bits here and there. I'm seriously addicted to cutting my hair, and I'm aware that I have a problem! I do miss having plenty of short, textured layers in amongst longer hair, sigh.

Instead of getting too hung up about that though, I've been trying a few different things with my hair. Crimping isn't something I've done since an avant-garde look I created for a hairdressing assessment at college. Anyways, I was reminiscing over some old photos I had and wondered what it would look like on my turquoise hair. 

So I dug out my Babyliss 2165BU Pro Hair Crimper, started adding a couple of crimps into my hair in random sections and things just went from there!


It's one of those styling tools that just doesn't get used daily so ends up hidden away under the bed collecting dust, a bit like my hair curler!


The plates are ceramice and it comes with 6 heat settings with the highest going up to a scorching 210 celsius, perfect for thicker hair types. The ceramic ensures the plating doesn't stick to the plating but one thing I really don't like about these is the location of the heat setting dial. Take a look above and you'll see the dial is on the inside instead of the outside. So if you need to change the temperature, you need to take care not burn your fingers.

On the plus side it's incredibly quick to heat up, I give it 30 seconds and I can begin the crimping session!


Back to the plating, and as you can see from the photos, it's not wide and wavy. The bumps are tightly packed resulting in 80s-esque super-tight crimps, as opposed to softer waves. If you check back on my Topshop Velvet Lips post you'll see that I went crimp crazy, my hair looking a bit poodle-ish!

The lasting power is surprisingly good, for me it lasts all day without needing to spray on some hairspray. I'm not sure how much of that is to do with the crimper, and how much is to do with my naturally wavy hair but either way: it works for me.


 I love how crimpers add extra texture to the hair. It looks incredibly striking, whether you go all out or a little more subtle.



Babyliss' 2165BU Pro Hair Crimper is currently priced at £19.99 in Boots, a pretty cheap way to experiment with a fun new look.

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  1. You look absolutely gorgeous and your hair looks amazing crimped! xx

  2. I was going to buy one the other day LOL our minds except yours is under the bed but decided against it as my hair's not straight a lot these days but I so miss crimpers now! Love how you've done it xo

  3. Ooh I love your hair crimped!! mum saw your post over my shoulder & said she absolutely loves your gorgeous hair & beautiful make up!:-)xxx

  4. Omg you look amazing! I love your hair crimped like that!!
    This is one of my favourite blogs to read at the moment :D Always admiring your hair and makeup skills! :D

  5. I love your style, your hair looks great x

  6. crimping is so 90's!!! I love it!

    Katie <3

  7. I looove it, it really is so 90s! I want to crimp all of my hair now haha. <3

    Tara xo

  8. I've always wanted a crimper. Never got one. I do want one just to try it out. I'm not one for cutting my hair but I get bored with my hair alot! haha I love your eyes btw. Stunning makeup!
    Hareem x


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