The Necklace So Good I Wore it on My Head

By now you should all be fully aware of my love for a bit of bling. Recently I've ventured into the world of Matha Pattis, having se...


By now you should all be fully aware of my love for a bit of bling. Recently I've ventured into the world of Matha Pattis, having seen them at weddings all of my life. But only now I actually appreciate  how gorgeous they are!

At the moment I'm at a stage of my life where I'm really feeling the whole 'fusion' idea, mixing east with west. It reflects who I am. I am a product of various influences: my roots and where I grew up.

I digress!

I've already posted a couple of photos embracing the wondrous and mythical Matha Patti, and they truly are wondrous. But you know me, always trying to push the limit. I was having a wee look around Zara when I spotted this beautiful necklace. At first I imagined it around my neck: 'Which dress would this go best with?' I thought.

But then, my mind went all walkabout. What if I put it on my head? It'd look pretty awesome as a Matha Patti! This might not be news to some of you, but to me this idea seemed like genius! 
DSC_9661 DSC_9666
I parted my fringe to the side and put the headpiece right on! 

Since I'd never tried to wear a big, clunky, heavy necklace on my head before, putting it on for the first time was more than just a little troublesome. Eventually though I figured it out, even summoning the courage to wear it out to dinner! During the evening I was asked: 'Where did you get that gorgeous head-piece from?' WINNING!

Next time you fancy mixing things up in the accessory department, remember: just because it says it's a necklace, it doesn't mean that's all it can ever be.. So be bold, pick out that old necklace you used to love, plonk it on your head and see what happens. You never know, it might just work!

I feel that at this point I should mention ma belle couturière Française (my lovely French seamstress). She has totally inspired me to look at fashion in a whole new light. Suddenly the piles of old clothes I have, past their sell-by date, look more like opportunities to create new things as opposed to a waste of space. She really hates the very idea of 'disposable fashion' and thinks that our old clothes can be fused into something new and unique.

 Have you ever done anything crazy with your accessories? Breathed new life into your old clothes? If so, tell me all about it!

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  1. I've been using necklaces for head accessories and bracelets for top knot bling in my photoshoots are quite a while now.
    It really adds a little sumthin' sumthin' to any outfit, or generic hairstyle.

  2. AHHH <3 this! blue everything! great idea! it should of been a matta patti in the first place rather then a necklace because it looks way better on the head :)

  3. I have a bunch of these in my 'watch list' on ebay, but most are full sets with a necklace, earrings etc too which I'd never wear. Guess I should just look or blingy necklaces, too! Looks beautful :)

  4. This really is stunning. I've seen a few of these chunky necklaces in Zara that I am in love with but I don't know if I'd wear them anywhere!I might get one or something lik this just to experiment because i really want to change up my style! :)
    Hareem xx

  5. I love imagining new ways of wearing things. I am trying to go back through my old clothes at the moment, the ones I have dismissed as 'not me' anymore and try and reinvent them. I can't say I am getting far but the orange pinafore I bought on a whim that seems really childish is the goal. If I can wear that and still look my age I will have won. Any ideas?

    I think the necklace you are wearing (if it is still a necklace!) is beautiful. I love your fusion style. All that bling looks fantastic on you! :)

  6. I think it looks better as a headdress than a necklace :)

  7. I think that necklace makes the perfect hair accessory! I have worn a necklace in my hair too and I really love that way it looks! So fun to play around and try new things! It is surprising what looks fantastic!


  8. This is amazing x

  9. Omg wow the necklace matches your hair colour! This looks so amazing on you!!! <3

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  11. Love this! I really need to breathe some new life into my wardrobe :)

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

  12. You totally make it work! Looks gorgeous on you x


  13. Cool accessories!!

  14. That necklace it's so so so so beautiful! I really love it! And you look great using it as a head piece!


  15. Oh wow, I think I'm in love, It's so beautiful, and it matches your hair! Xx

  16. That looks great as a headpiece, definitely stands out from the crowd! :) xx

  17. I love the piece, and you look hot xx

  18. Beautiful look, and love the bold necklace.

  19. It looks great even on your head! It gives that middle eastern flava! X

  20. Yes this necklace / headpiece is the 'ish. Forget rules and I think you look splendid with it on your head - now if you never said it was a necklace, no-one would of ever known


  21. Loved it! I soooo want it :D thanks for sharing
    I recently started my own beauty and fashion blog, kindly visit and leave a comment maybe :)
    have a nice day!

  22. love what you did with it! my sister has the same necklace, definitely going to try it!
    :) x


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