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Guess who's back with another outfit post! Not only is it another outfit post, it's another Kimono! You might well be thinking I&...


Guess who's back with another outfit post! Not only is it another outfit post, it's another Kimono! You might well be thinking I'm stuck in a silky, kimono-cut rut, but I just can't get enough of my gorgeous kimonos, so sue me! ;)

To be fair though the kimonos in my collection are all very different to each other, each one with its own unique, gorgeous print. A prime example is the one featured today. I purchased it recently from H&M of all places, it stood out for two very obvious reasons: it's bright purple and it's so long. I scoured the rack desperately looking for my size and let out a squeal when I found it. I just needed to buy this because I have nothing else like it, my wardrobe is completely devoid of anything purple.

Once you get past that bright purple and pink print, you'll realise why this isn't quite like the other kimonos I've been wearing recently, this one goes all the way down to the ankles. So instead of using it as the jacket to an outfit, I've used this one as the dress, the main event. With it's bold print, chiffon fabric instead of the traditional silk, and the gold studded belt I wrapped around it, it feels to me a bit like a modern-day twist on the Geisha.





Full Length Kimono - H & M
Gold Studded Skinny Belt - Gift
Black Lexi Jersey Midi Skirt - Boohoo
J Crew Crystal Cluster Necklace Replica - Secret Statement

I've been lusting after those really expensive J Crew Necklaces for quite a while now, but why shell out all that cash when you can achieve a similar effect for a fraction of the price? Well, I stumbled upon Secret Statement on Instagram not so long ago and they do an awesome replica/dupe of the infamous Crystal Cluster Necklace for just £10. Now that's a statement, and it's within a normal person's price range!

Hope you're all having a fun-filled weekend, my voice has withered away into a frog-like croak which for someone who loves to talk like I do is annoying! On the plus side, I'm snuggled up in bed midway through a Harry Potter marathon!

So until next time, Expelliarmus!

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  1. H&M Omg no way, totally fell in love with this - I think this has to be my favourite look from you and especially the make-up.

    MARRY ME FORGET THE OH LOL -sorry I adore him but love it so much! XO

  2. I have this kimono in lime green :D, I wanted the purple one too but I couldn't find it! Looks lovely on you x


  3. I love the look and you look awesome XX

  4. Another awesome kimono!! I think we need to see a kimono collection photo sometime. ;) <3

    Tara xo

  5. OMG that dress is amazinggggggggg... I love me some leopard print, especially in a neon shade xx

    Gemma ♥ | Ɱiss Ɱakeup Ɱagpie

  6. This is gorgeous! Love the contrast of colours with your hair and the kimono.

    Katie <3

  7. This is such a fun and colorful dress. I love it!


  8. Absolutely gorgeous! Head to toe perfection.

  9. I love the sleeves on that kimono and your makeup is insanely gorgeous!



  10. You always look so lovely :) love your eye makeup!! The necklace is really nice, been looking for some good statement pieces!!

    Katie xx | Katies World

  11. i love your statmente collar, is awesome. what do you think about following each other? i just discovered your blog and i really like it
    just let me know. xoxo diannetho.blogspot.com.es

  12. That necklace it's so so beautiful! Between I love the drawing in your header, it's so original!


  13. wow your hair is amazing!!
    if you ever have time would you check out my blog please and maybe leave me some feedback?! im new!! thankyou <3

  14. Your outfit is beautiful! & that necklace I love!

  15. Outfit is looking so amazing, like to buy it and gift it to my partner, and no words for necklace, simply amazing.
    . movie star leather jackets

  16. I love the vibrancy of the Kimono. It's such a beautiful piece to have! I would happily buy this!
    And the necklace is perfect with this look!
    Hareem x

  17. You look beautiful, lusting after your hair aswell (L)

  18. Her outfits are always so cute and preppy. If you re going to the same look as her go for structured things like blazers or. Solo A Star Wars Story Han Solo Jacket


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