JEWELLERY: Arabic Calligraphy Rings

Hey lovers! Way back in my teens, I was enrolled onto a 6 year (yes six year) course learning Qur'anic Arabic, translating...


Hey lovers!

Way back in my teens, I was enrolled onto a 6 year (yes six year) course learning Qur'anic Arabic, translating from Arabic into my native Urdu. As time wore on it became more and more difficult and demanding and I started to dislike going. That being said I fell in love with the actual Arabic language. The spoken word is just beautiful, whilst the written word is a work of art.

Much like everyone else who's ever been to school I began doodling on my exercise books, and the doodles turned into full-on illustrations and Arabic calligraphy. 

After the course had finished I began to forget how amazing this language really is, time eroded that memory away. Until last year that is, when I walked past a shop on Wilmslow Road selling Arabic Calligraphy canvases. I was in complete awe and it all came flooding back to me at once. Anyway I carried on walking and thought about how I'm so much more into fashion now than I've ever been before. Then it struck me: 'Why don't I try incorporating Arabic into my style?'


I managed to find an eBay seller offering Arabic name necklaces and, although it took them a couple of attempts to get it right, I rarely take it off! More recently I visited Jerusalem and came across some Palestinian stalls selling these amazing Arabic Calligraphy rings. After some fun haggling over the price, I managed to get it down to £2 a ring! Naturally I bought a few ;)

The rings themselves have a metallic finish but are actually made of resin. Still, it takes nothing away from the truly stunning design. 

I have to say that I'm completely turned off by the jewellery on offer on the high street at the moment, there's not a lot to write home about which is pretty annoying really as there's so much room for creativity with jewellery. Anyways, I did manage to find a set of rings from H & M. It's a mixture of plain gold stackable rings in various sizes, including a couple of mid-finger rings. I'll be featuring these babies in an upcoming post so stay tuned!

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  1. I saw these on your instagram and loved them instantly! I love the Arabic language. I started learning when I was really young but ended up giving up and quiting as at the time I didn't really see the point in it - that was a big mistake as I wish I could speak it now :( Lovely pieces :)
    Saadiya x

    1. Glad you like! :)

      Gutted to hear you didn't complete the course, Saadiya. You could always enrol into an evening class!



  2. The rings look amazing! Love the nails too!

  3. I'm Pakistani too but learnt Arabic before Urdu, however I have forgotton it all but its such a beautiful language Mashallah! The rings are beautiful, I've always wanted a double ring with my name in arabic on xx

  4. What pretty nails! So fun!

  5. I didn't know you spoke Urdu! My family is Punjabi, but my parents taught us kids Urdu as our first language. Arabic calligraphy is so beautiful and these rings are a great way to incorporate it into fashion :)

  6. Oooh, how unusual! Such a nice concept.


  7. LOVE your rings! They are so nice. I cant read arabic very well - I am Iranian and only know the Persian alphabet to a limited degree, but I love these! I am going to Iran in June and I hope I can find something similar!

    Grace xx

  8. Great manicures and really cool rings :)

  9. Those rings really are cool so glad you could find them. And love your mani wow.

    Ali of

  10. The rings look very pretty!

  11. I've always loved how urdu looked and now I'm in love Arabic. The rings are stunning!
    Hareem xx

  12. Nice to have found such pretty yet unusual rings. Sometimes it's difficult to find exciting jewellery on the high street.

  13. Hiya sweety, I really admire that you have learnt Arabic, I had tried when I was younger but found it too complex. The ring is beautiful! How was your trip to Palestine, what an amazing place, but the conditions are heartbreaking.

  14. Wish I could learn something like Arabic, always wanted to be able to speak another language. Love the rings, think they are just so cute :) xx

  15. Interesting rings love em' ;) x

  16. I've never seen Arabic calligraphy jewellery before, it's a nice idea - they look really cool!

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  18. ahh these are gorgeous, would love my own. new follower :) x

  19. Hi,

    I like your jewelry.

    Can I use, a web tool for arabic calligraphy, to design and export my artwork in SVG to allow you to create my jewelry ?

  20. Love arabic jewellery, i have a necklace which I haven't worn in ages, must get it out now! x

  21. Oh darling, I gasped when I saw the earrings. I would so love to wear one of your pieces. Some day! Hugs to you

    Alianzas de boda