OUTFIT: The Midi

 The Midi  Never in a million years would I have thought I would be sporting a Midi dress, a skirt or anything Midi. Why? As a peti...

 The Midi 

Never in a million years would I have thought I would be sporting a Midi dress, a skirt or anything Midi. Why?

As a petite woman, I've always been under the impression that anything that goes below the knee (other than the Maxi) can be extremely unflattering and cause you to look stumpy whereas wearing a dress or a skirt that goes above the knee creates the illusion of height.  

For us petite bombshells, it's so frustrating to walk along the highstreet at the moment at the moment. Midi skirts and dresses are hitting the shelves in their droves. We see one that catches our eye, touch it, feel it, heck even try it on (in the fitting room, not out there on the shop floor!) they're so irresistible yet so unsuitable... Or are they? ;)

It's certainly no secret but you'll need to find a midi that hits just below the knee as opposed to reaching the widest part of your calf. Also look for bodycon Midis, they seem to be very kind to our figures. I've spotted so many beautiful flared-out midis in stores, but when I try them on I look completely swamped with fabric! Annoyingly enough I've found that Topshop have this market cornered, everywhere else I looked had the bodyshape all wrong and did me no favours whatsoever.

So perhaps unsurprisingly, I purchased my midi skirt from the Topshop Petite Range which is just perfect as it's tailored for the smaller framed lady. It's a gorgeous bright green spotted bodycon skirt which hugs my curves in the right places and the length hits just below the knee. 

I paired this with my favorite breton striped crop top which I've had for years now and threw on a black blazer. 

And VoilĂ !







Breton Striped Crop Top - TOPSHOP via eBay
Green Spot Print Midi Bodycon Tube Skirt - TOPSHOP Petite
Black Structured Blazer - TOPSHOP via eBay
Lips - illamasqua Growl Lipstick

It's been two weeks since returning from Jerusalem and The West Bank, I still haven't sorted out all of my photos just yet but I will do within the next week so expect a bumper Travel Post soon!

Back to the topic of today though; how do you work the midi?

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  2. You should definately do my make-up! Damn you are so good!btw lovin that outfit!

  3. And how the hell can it be that i;m not followin ur blog?!!! Well i'm doing that now hahaha say hi to ur new follower :)

  4. Lovely! You really suit it. I love the spots and stripes together.

  5. ahh thanks for the comment on my blog i'm following you now too and ur twitter and instagram and can i just say ur the one of the most beautiful people i have seen,you look stunning,love ur hair ur eyes are amazing ur makeup is brill ur clothing looks so cute,why on earth are you not doing youtube video's i think u would be so popular ur gorgeous hunny mwhaaaa xxx♥xxx

  6. It's brave and wonderful.

  7. I love your hair! I haven't really tried out midi dresses yet - I have one circle skirt that goes slightly beneath the knees, but I hardly consider that midi :P I haven't tried a bodycon midi before - I'm too shy for that, haha. Maybe one day!

  8. Lol your style is really really cool, damn! I LOVE your hair pft. If only I have the guts to dye my hair like that QQ

    I think you DID rock the Midi dress but I am no believer of Midi dress because of my huge ass, looks so proportionately wrong ;_;

    Followed you on BlogLovin and Facebook so that I can read your new post from your trip! =P

    Thanks for dropping by my blog love <3


  9. just love your look...mint color skirt with polka dots in it is just fabulous....and thanks you so much for your lovely concern dear....start following your blog...love roobi

  10. Midi looks gorge on you! Adore your hair too ah! xx

  11. Super pretty I love your look and outfit you pull it together so well love it :)
    Now following you xx


  12. It looks great on you! I love flared skirts (which always seem to be midi-length on me even if they're supposed to be minis), so I've just resigned myself to the fate of looking short haha.

  13. the dots look great on you! love the pairing of the different prints on this outfit!

  14. love your skirt! :)


  15. You look great in a skirt! I love the polka dot and stripes mixed in together!

  16. these photos are so lovely! your hair is incredible and really love the colour of your skirt

    hope you'll visit back

  17. Love the combination of spots and stripes! Also loving the midi trend at the moment, so flattering, I never want to go back to wearing a normal dress again!


  18. Combination, spot on. Colours, love it. I wasn't a keen lover of midi anything and I'm 5'5 and some numbers lol, but I think I was just being a nancy about it cos they can have a very classic feel and now I love them, ahh if I could get away with a crop top and a midi that would be me!! xo

  19. Like this! I love your necklace too! Does it say your name on it?!

    I am following you via Blog Lovin :-) look forward to your posts.


    Grace x

  20. Just left you a comment but I dont think it worked...sorry if you end up with two!

    Love this combo, its a nice look and i love the necklace. Does it say your name?!

    I have followed with blog loving and I am looking forward to more of your posts!


    Grace x

  21. Beautiful pics. Lovely outfit and great post dear :)

    I kindly invite you to have a look at a new section on my blog: Shop My Closet

  22. You are absolutely stunning missus! :)

    Love this outfit :)

    Amy x

  23. Being petite I have stayed away from the midi trend, afraid of getting that stumpy leg look! But this skirt looks great on you! Love your hair too X


  24. Love your outfit - I featured the topshop skirt in a recent post and it's gorge! Love how you mixed the stripes and spots too, I agree what you said about bodycon midis being kind to the figure, I find them amazingly flattering. xx

  25. Great clashing prints and I LOVE your hair!


    B xxx

  26. Oooooh, you look awesome! Haha, love the bold polka dot skirt and how you mixed stripes with it - perfect print mixing :)
    Also, your hair rocks. Seriously love it!

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    Trendy Teal

  27. Halima, you look stunning! I'm a petite girl, too, but I've always felt more comfortable in midi length than maxi... I find maxis tend to be a bit long and I always trip on the hem, even in heels. (Maybe I'm just clumsy?) Either way, it's great to see you experiment with midi length because it really does work on petites. And that green skirt is lovely!

  28. Love the polka dots mixed with stripes! And you have the coolest hair : )

  29. Love the mix of spots and stripes! Looks really nice :)
    Hareem x

  30. u look stunning hun,love ur outfit,hair&makeup! I love ur style so unique&fabulous!

  31. your style is amazing *.*

  32. the Midi-skirt looks very good on you!!

    XO The Daily Fashion Drug

  33. I honestly can't get over how perfect this nail combination is!

    Kirsty, xo
    - Clothes, Shoes & Boys with Tattoos

  34. I've been eyeing this skirt up in store, it looks amazing on.

    Major hair envy!!

    I'm now following you on GFC !!


  35. Hi!

    Thank you for dropping by my blog, I am now following you :)

    I can't express how much I love your style! I can never seem to wear skirts or dresses that sits around my calf, it makes me look really out of proportion. I'm glad you found a skirt that suits :D xx


  36. This skirt is so cute! Love that it co-ordinates with your hair ;) ahaha.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, lovely!


  37. Fabulous outfit honey.. Looking super stylish and modish.. Next time your are out to buy designer clothes, try new trends of www.iknowstudio.com.. You will love it..

  38. Wow, this is beautiful! You have such an eclectic style and I love your hair!
    Abigail x

  39. i'm 5'6 but generally find thigns that length super unflattering too, def alwyas depends on the piece it looks like. you look gorgeous in this one and wow, your hair is amazing!! thx for your super sweet comment on my Flock Together post too : )



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