03/13 in Instagram!

1) Experimenting with coloured contact lenses 2) I adopted an elephant! 3) Pretty flowers 4) Menorah at Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv 5)...


1) Experimenting with coloured contact lenses 2) I adopted an elephant! 3) Pretty flowers 4) Menorah at Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv 5) The stunning Dome of the Rock 6) Shattered birthday mugshot 7) The tomb of Mary (Mariam A.S), Mount of Olives 8) Arabic Calligraohy ring 9) Pizza & mint lemonade from Cafe Basti, Jerusalem 10) Bracelet display in Forever21 11) My first ever Midi dress! 12) The Western Wall, Jerusalem 13) Inside the Dome of the Rock 14) Windswept 15) Shuhada Street in Al Khalil, Hebron, West Bank 16) Sporting my Palestinan Bracelets with pride 17) Standard face of the day 18) Barry M's Gelly Nails in Greenberry & Pomegranate 19) Controversial water 20) Arabic calligraphy shawl 21) The Trafford Centre 22) My ridiculous ring collection 23) Khao Soi @ Tampopo 24) Trying on dresses I can't afford!

March was an epic month for me, it was one of those months that you just wish never ended. I honestly don't know how my next InstaMonth will live up to this one, but I promise I'll try! 

So why was March so good? Well, I traveled to Jerusalem, spent my 27th birthday upon the Haram as-Sharef (Temple Mount) between Al-Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock. Then I crossed the apartheid wall and visited Bethlehem and Hebron in the West Bank. The highlight of the month was definitely spending time with Palestinians, it opened up my eyes to reality on the ground and the sheer injustice of the situation. This is something that will live with me forever.

For those of you interested in more photos and a brief explanation on my visit, click HERE

Reality bites though, so it's back down to earth for April. Still, I have an exciting project coming up... All will be revealed ;)

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  1. Stunning photos! I adore your eye make-up so pretty x


  2. Love seeing these updates! xx

  3. Love seeing these updates! xx

  4. Love your hair! And your month does look lively love the pictures x

  5. Looks like you had a great March, my dear <3 ... With great experiences, yummy food and fabulous nails :-) ... Kisses from Vienna,



  6. Love your round up of photos.And love your hair, fashionable and edgy! Nice blog!

    Ali of


  7. Beauty! Love the white dress on you.

  8. I'm glad you had such a fab month dear! <3 Love the photos and your nails inspired me to go paint mine now haha! :))


  9. lovely post! i love your hair, it's beautiful

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

    ps. enter my models own giveaway to win their ice neon or fruit pastel collection, click here!

  10. I read your blog religiously ad recently found your Instagram, I love it! Your recent post about your trip it my fave post of yours, it was a real eye opener xx


  11. Hey Halima, PLEASE check out my recent post... It involves a bit of you in it :)


  12. Waaw great pictures and a trip to Jerusalem, that must have been so nice !!

  13. You're gorgeous, babe!!! And I LOVE your hair color.:)

    I can understand why you'll never forget your trip to Jerusalem... I visited Jordan once and it was an experience no one can't forget. Things like that change a person, they really do...

  14. you adopted a elephant! :o) your my new hero!
    P.s Happy Birthday! x

  15. Your 27th birthday sounds amazing and I love your nails and hair too, your life looks like so much fun

    A little bit Unique


  16. Okay, these pics are an overload of awesomeness! I especially love your haaaiiir <3

  17. Wow what a month!! I hope that April suprises you and turns out just as great :) xx

  18. Great pictures, love your hair :)


  19. What an amazing month you had! Such great shots to remember everything! And happy birthday month :)
    xx, Emily
    so anthro

  20. Love your instagram pictures and the fact you adopted an Elephant, your just all sorts of awesome xo

  21. You take so much beautiful photos :) even on Instagram! I only have a 1px camera, so mine always are rather crappy, haha. x