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If you've ever had the (mis)fortune of visiting the Arndale Centre in Manchester, you may or may not know that tucked away at the bac...

If you've ever had the (mis)fortune of visiting the Arndale Centre in Manchester, you may or may not know that tucked away at the back there's actually a market. I have to say that I tend to avoid it wherever possible, and that's no slight on the stalls because there's a lot of quality stuff at decent prices. No no, I avoid it because of the smell.

The architect/designer/planner for the Arndale truly deserves a slap to the face with a wet fish, but not just any fish, it should be one from the Arndale Market. That's right, just behind the little food court section there's a massive fishmonger's! And that lovable fishy 'aroma' travels all throughout the market.

On one particular day, boredom got the better of me. I took one last gasp of beautiful, fresh, city-centre air(!) and headed in. Whilst there I came across a gorgeous cropped black lace studded jacket priced at a reasonable £25. But as everyone else seemed to be avoiding the smell of dead fish that day, I was the only person at the stall and the shop assistant was incredibly insistent that I buy it. So much so, I managed to get my hands on it for just £15!

It definitely reminds me of something I'd expect to see in much classier, slightly less whiffier establishment like Zara. Of course, I can feel my debit card struggling to break free from my bag whenever I enter places like Zara, but it seemed perfectly happy to be chip & pinned at this stall.

So anyway, after I washed it (adding in extra Lenor!) I paired it with this champagne metallic vest that I don't recall having ever worn. I think it may have been from Topshop's Autumn/Winter range in 2011 but don't quote me on that! Either way, it was definitely time to give it an airing, coupled with my trusty black velvet shorts that I will not be falling out of love with anytime soon!


Hands on Hips Time...


Fusion of Velvet, Lace, Metallic and Studs...




Studded Lacey Goodness

Champagne Metallic Vest - TOPSHOP
High Waisted Black Velvet Shorts - TOPSHOP
Cropped Studded Lace Jacket - Arndale Market


 I think this might be the first time I've blogged with my hair in a top-knot, I've been experimenting quite a bit with the hair recently to try and mix it up a bit. I really love having my hair done 'Up' at the moment and I'm constantly YouTubing tutorials for new ideas. It's almost fascinating the way the turquoise ends up in big flashes dissecting the black.

 I don't think you can ever really beat natural, flowing locks but sometimes it just looks so damn sexy when it's done up, right?

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  1. Wow I love it and what a steal! I wish I could haggle but I'm too weak lol.

    You look gorgeous as always, love your style mA <3 x

  2. Amazing outfit!I love your jacket/blazer/vest thingy:)
    Everyone can check out my exciting SECRET GIVEAWAY!Just click on this link:
    Thank you:)
    xoxo Veselina

  3. Gal u r both funny &stunning love e outfit,ur hair&makeup so stylish! Glad u got a bargain regardless of fish scent around haha I couldn't stop laughn u made my morning!

  4. Love it. Looks fabulous. I do love a good bargain and it is fab to see a post where someone is proud they got a bargain as well.

    Oh god, I sound old.

    Fab post.

  5. Loving the stud details!

  6. Ah you look amazing, as always! What a bargain - and it's such a great fit! Loving the hair too, am tempted to go deep purple when the Mini Rabbit is here :) xxx

  7. Love the jacket :) really need a similar one in my wardrobe. I think it is very versatile.


  8. Your outfit is awesome and I am absolutly in love with your hairstyle! I think not everbody can wear turqouise hairs but you look stunning with it!

    Best Jasmin

  9. You're stunning. Love your hair xxx

  10. It looks really nice, bargain! I shop in Manchester a lot and knew about the market but Ive never been in, maybe i will now, with a peg on my nose haha x

  11. The jackets a stunner!I've been looking for a good studded one for months now!

  12. First thought was markets? Oh cool, then I read about the fishmongers - what a god awful place to have it! Anyway, loving your outfit, you look gorge, and I love the added edge from the studs on the collar x

  13. your so beautiful :) love your eyebrows!

  14. I love your brows too!
    I also love the blue in your hair <3

    Gorgeous outfit

    UK High Street Fashion & Style

  15. love the studded rocker lace jacket looks amazing on you hun ;)

  16. Looooooove this outfit so much xx

  17. Looooove this outfit so much xx

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  20. I love this outfit! and your hair is really awesome I was to nervous to go blue :)
    new follower here I really like your style :)

    Gemma xx

  21. Ahh I want that jacktet!!! It looks so great with those shorts. The top knot really suits you! I think my head just looks massive when I have my hair up haha! You pull it off amazingly and the turqoise ends look really cool


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