Stuck in a smoked out rut..

Hello, dolls! After another short break from the blog, I'm back and more determined than ever to get posting more regularly! I ...

Hello, dolls!

After another short break from the blog, I'm back and more determined than ever to get posting more regularly!

I like to think that, when it comes to make-up, I push boundaries and try new things all of the time. What I think happens and what actually happens are two very different things though.

I'm a girl that likes my sleep, I need my eight hours... minimum! So every morning I need to wake up as late as possible to make sure I get it. I have a little 'schedule' in my head and that schedule allows for 10-15 minutes to apply make-up.

How much room for experimenting is there in that space of time? Not a lot. So I fall into the trap of reaching for whatever is nearest and end up sporting the same look, with minor tweaks, day in day out.

The routine only changes if I get time in the evenings or weekends to tidy up the ol' dressing table. Morning make-up for me is a bit like a production line, making the same stuff over and over again until I buy something new.

One such look I seem to be churning out every morning lately involves smoking out my eyes, it's just so easy and requires zero thinking! Perhaps it's just a little too easy.



Nars Sheer Glow Foundation - Barcelona (Equivalent to MAC NC37 - NC40)
MEMEME Blush Me! - Coral
MAC Lightscapade Mineralize Skinfinish




Inglot Eye Make Up Base
Inglot E/S 458 /Lid/
Inglot E/S 63 /Crease/
Inglot 463 /Inner Corner/
Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner - Black Ink
1 coat of L'oreal's Voluminous Carbon Mascara
Stila Kajal eyeliner - Topaz /Waterline/ (clearly worn off :)


A dab of MAC's Ruby Woo :)

You may have noticed excessive usage of Inglot products, but in my defence there's no Inglot store in Manchester. When I came across it in Dubai I went a little crazy. What's a girl to do?! ;)

The Inglot Eye Base is an integral part of the production line every morning, the only problem is it is the worst eye base I have ever had the misfortune of using. The eyeshadow creases like a bitch and the formula feels a bit like extra virgin olive oil... but it's there so on it goes.

As for the eyeshadows. One word - LOVELOVELOVE.


The ultimate smoky kit - in case you don't know Inglot, you choose your eyeshadows, they stick them into palettes. In my case, I wanted to create a smoky kit, et voilĂ !


Left to right: Inglot eyeshadow 463, 458, 63

The star of the show has to be the highlighter. It's a vintage champagne coloured eye shadow with a delicate touch of shimmer to it. It works fantastically on the inner corners and the brow bone.


Suck it in! :)

Since returning from my travels my skin has been looking a lot clearer, it could have something to do with my newly discovered fondness of Green Tea and my freshly re-discovered appreciation of tap water, I just can't drink enough of the stuff!

I've also incorporated a toner into my skin care regime that I picked up in India by Ayur. My skin feels super clean and fresh every time I swipe it across. You can really feel it getting to work straight away!

Does anyone else need to shake things up in the morning? I hear two-tone lips are on vogue this year, not sure how I can squeeze this into my 15 minute slot..

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  1. First of all, yay! you're back! Second of all, your cheekbones are fierce!! Love that highlighter, and thirdly, I want those Inglot shadows. Now! Gorgeous colours indeed :)

  2. Your eyes and lips are particularly stunning! Welcome back!

  3. You look so pretty and your skin looks amaaaazing! Your morning makeup routine sounds exactly like mine lol! Two-tone lips? where have I been! I love the nail colour and ring combo :) x

  4. That's your "quick look"? It looks gorgeous! I might try two-tone lips. My top lip is already darker than my bottom one so I'm almost there already haha

  5. You look stunning! Your skin is gorgeous and ruby woo looks great on you. And I want to get that inglot palette now! X

  6. You look gorgeoussss Halima!!
    Please teach me how to do a perfect smokey eye like yours... So beautiful!
    I need to get that inglot eyeshadows, such pretty colours.

  7. looks so gorgeous! Your skin looks so good! x

  8. You are so beautiful, love your eyebrows! xx

  9. Hahah I'm the same! I plan all these looks in my head and then when I'm rushing for time I somehow reach for the same things everyday!
    Loveee this look, your skin looks so beautiful as do your eyes!! xxxx

    1. you are very beauitful and very nice beauitful eyes

  10. Welcome back, lady!! I was reading this post thinking how gorgeous your skin is! And your eyelashes = envy.

    Btw your holiday pics are AMAZING!!

  11. Gorguz! Totally been loving the smokey eye look lately too! Its so super quick, love it! :D

    Love Aysh xox

  12. you look stunning! i wouldn't worry too much about doing the same thing each day if you look this gorgeous doing it ;) i want some inglot eyeshadows but theres just so many gorgeous ones i wouldn't know where to start xx

  13. That's gorgeous Halima! Trust me, smoky eyes don't come easy to everyone and you do it like a pro :) And that liner is too perfect to cram into your 10-15 min routine!


  14. Haha I'm EXACTLY the same when it comes to my morning makeup routine - sleep always comes first! I've even been known to do my makeup on the bus to allow myself even more time for sleep :S

    Love the smokey eye though - the fact that you manage to make yourself look that lovely in the space of 15 mins is mighty impressive! xxx

  15. What a gorgeous look and you have amazing skin :)

  16. Very pretty! I love your nails and hair btw =)

  17. Love your blush! Such pretty pics x

  18. How much are the Inglot e/s in Dubai? I was planning on buying some too when I visit next month. No Inglot near me either :(

  19. I love your nail polish! Lovely look as always! :)

  20. look fab! I love neutral colors on all skin tones.I need to get my hands on some Inglot products ;)

  21. Your so pretty xxx Am following your blog xxx


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