Guest blogger - The little beaut (runt) that is my sister.

'ey up my ducks :) My little sister Sanah has been bugging me for aaaaages to to let her guest blog on DesignerSpray. She reckons s...

'ey up my ducks :)

My little sister Sanah has been bugging me for aaaaages to to let her guest blog on DesignerSpray. She reckons she's better than her older sister (Moi of course) at applying eyeshadow. Pffft. I'll let you guys decide.. =P

Over to Sanah!

"Hello dearest followers of THE DesignerSpray.... 

This is I...Fellow sibling of the one you admire/hate ;P 

Seriously... I’m meant to be revising.... January exams are coming up and I’m DEAD!!!! AARRGH!!! 

I guess it’s time for me to guest blog on this blog! How many times am I gonna say ‘blog’???
Anyway let’s cut to the shizzles..... 

The other day we had a big family get together and had a fab RAW ‘food poison inducing’ roast. Sorry the chicken looked amazing but turned out it was ‘RARE’ in the middle... by ‘rare’ i mean cooked on the outside and ‘pink’ from the inside. Kudos to the gourmet chef (older sister) who managed to accomplish the ‘rare’ essence of the food... But in my family, we simply would not accept ‘pink’ meat. So back in the oven it goes to turn into gorgeous rubber. Just kidding... lol... The veggies were amazing though. 
Here’s a deceiving picture of the chicken that looked cooked:


Anyways, as i said... lets cut to the good stuff... OMG i ramble tooooo much
We started doing MakeOvers.... LOVE MAKEOVERS

It gives me a chance to practice my makeup skills and try out new colour combinations...
I used my older sister as my model and tried to see if blue and gold made a good combination and to see if i could blend them together without making it look like i just plonked on two colours.

Here’s the finished look....


Incase you wondering... the gold colour i used was a Barry M Dazzle Dust which i am in love with...shade #44 Bronze. And the blue colour was a dark royal/navy blue which i found in my recently purchased sparkle pallate by sleek. I mainly used the third blue (Galactic) on the top from the left...and i darkened that out with the darker navy blue, Twinkle (top row third from right). I know, sleek started naming their eyeshadows...Thats so useful for blogging purposes. :D
The funny thing was, it took me a long time to find out how to blend the colours together... i thought i blended it well until MsDesignerSpray comes to have a look and said, ‘Aren’t you gonna blend that’. I looked at her and said; ‘Yeah i am... duh’.... so i took a fluffy brush and lightly pressed in the lid of the barry m pigment (this allows me to get minimal amount of product on the brush)...and i placed the brush on the end part of the gold and swept it lightly over the blue. It blended beautifully. 

I lined the top lash line with regular liquid eyeliner and I lined it the standard way with a little flick. Nothing too drastic. 

I also attempted to do an arabic wing with the blue eyeshadow (this is the reason i didnt go overboard with the top liner). So I lined the bottom lash line with Glactic (from sleek palette) and extended the line upward following the lower lash-line.

You cant tell much with the picture but i used a light highlighter between the shadow and the liner to emphasise the gap. 

I finally used Boujour’s kohl eyeliner pencil (black) to line the waterline (a good alternative to mac my opinion). Oh yeah and mascara lol... 

A lil well known tip... set the eyeliner with some matt black eyeshadow, it will stay on all day... trust me... i use a stiff flat eyeliner brush and press the black eyeshadow on the lash line. Three pats pat in the inner pat in the middle and one last pat on the outter end... pat pat pat... one lil step to long lasting eyeliner. :D

Further tip... I finished off with a nude lip with a bit of clear-ish gloss... I dont think i used blush... I just lightly contoured the cheeks bones and nose. :D

BTW... Im sorry about the picture quality and photography skills... I had to use my iphone camera... which claims to be HD... But not HD enough...

So thats the end of my break time... need to go and revise about gastric secretion... lol...
Any questions.... Please feel free to ask me!!!! :D

Good day

My little ‘Pineapple Chunks’ hahaha!!!"

Thanks for that, Sanah! I'm now starting to think she maybe better than me... Bah, I better get practicing!

Hope you've all enjoyed yourself throughly through the festive season. We're now back to reality. Farewell bank holidays, see you in April : (

Oooh, I've also started the Dukan diet with Natalie. We will be skinny bitches in no time. :D

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  1. lovely post :) your sister is really funny.. she should start blogging.. after her exams though :) xx

  2. Thanks, Roshni. :)

    She is HILARIOUS! I cannot keep a straight face when she's around, hehe!


  3. Great post hun, looove your sister! she's hilarious :) your both fab :) The finished look is gorguz, I love arabic style eyes!

    Aysh xoxo

  4. Ah she was good, bless her! She should defo start her own blog once she's finished revising and all that boring stuff! Loved the liner and the 2 colours together xxx

  5. Thanks, ladies!

    She did have a blog but deleted it. :S But yes, makes perfect sense to restart one after her exams : ) xx

  6. hehe had a good laugh. tell her to post more often here! or you could just give her a seperate tab on your blog :p

  7. haha great post! I love the way your sister writes! She's so funny! ;)
    Your sister should definitely start a blog!

    That makeup is gorgeous! You are both fantastical with makeup! :)


  8. woow love the eye make-up!



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