OOTD - Last night..

Hello hello, pineapple chunks! This is actually yesterday's outfit of the day from before I went to see Groove Armada at Mancheste...

Hello hello, pineapple chunks!

This is actually yesterday's outfit of the day from before I went to see Groove Armada at Manchester Academy. More about the gig later!

I elected to wear my cream lace smock. It's floaty, it's wearable and looks effortlessly stylish. Paired it with some black leggings and I was good to go!

I just couldn't bring myself to leave the house without my new love: Toxic Tale lipstick by MAC from the new Venomous Villains collection. And all of my pretties who follow me on Twitter will know that I've been ranting and raving on and on about this lippie. It's bright, it's in your face, what more can I ask for? :D

Onto the outfit:

Cue wind swept posage :)


Cream Lace Smock - Topshop
Leggings - H&M
Angel Ring - Galibardy
Turquoise ToyWatch

Some of you may recognise this dress. Nicola T who was once a Big Brother contestant wore this to the grand entrance of the Big Brother house. I for one am super glad that show has been scrapped. :P Ooh, I also didn't bother wearing a necklace 'cause I didn't want to be hit in the face by it whilst jumping up and down at the gig. Haha!

As For Groove Armada:


One word - Amazing.

I fell in love with these guys when I saw their live coverage on BBC Four on the John Peel Stage at Glastonbury as Gorillaz were sending me to snoozeville.

I really cannot describe how happy I was when they came on stage. I was riiight at the front in the middle against the railings so I was literally about 4-5 meters away from the stage. Oh, happy days.


Saint Saviour whom is the current lead singer for the Groove was absolutely fantastic! An excellent live singer and a ridiculously amazing dancer.

I really wish I had a time machine so I could go back and do it all over again!

Until next time..

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  1. Love the white top and j'adore the lipstick !!!

  2. I really like the smock! So cute and looks really nice on you :-)

  3. gorjus smock, looks like u had a smashing time!!

  4. I love the smock! It looks amazing! What nail polish were you wearing? It looks nice :)

    Sounds like you had a good time! You got a great place in the crowd plus groove armada are awesome :) xxx

  5. Hey sweetie

    Just found your blog through Twitter - Beautyntheblog was raving about you and I am not surprised

    Me lovin your style hon, really love that white top and jewellery, oh and the River Island top, and.... lol

    Think i feel a shopping trip coming on lol

    t x


  6. Thanks, dolls! :) xx

    @ neekeexoxo - Oh, Groove Armada are amazing live. And the nail polish is by Urban Outfitters in colour "Blush". xx

    @ tracymiami - Haha, you are making me blush! Thank you very much! :) Try not to get too skinted :P xx

  7. that top is seriously sooo pretty on you girl! and I want your haircut so bad

  8. The lipstick looks gorgeouss on you doll! I wore mine out last night but forgot to bring my camera so no pics :(
    Jealous you got to see Grove Armada... Prodigy are amazing live too.. seriously one of the best i've seen !! xxx

  9. @ Get Gawjus! - Thanks, beautiful! And I say go for it, the haircut I've got is so easy to work with at the moment! xx

    @ Abbie - Ahh, gutted! I'm sure you've got plenty of the lipstick left so you have no excuse to not do a FOTD :P I SO want to see Prodigy! xx

  10. Perfect smock style on you, love it! Love groove armada you lucky girl! x

  11. love ur top!! that amazing concert hehe ♥ im new followers :D

  12. Cute outfit! I love your pictures too :)



  13. halimaa <3
    ma girl ,, how u doin sis
    miss u xxx ,, hope all ok ,,
    loveeeeeed ur dress <3 so cute ,,
    and glad u had fun =D

  14. The white top looks great!

  15. Oh God you are looking so gorgeous here..love love your white top...and yes your eyes makeup as always...lovely

  16. loving the white top - it really suits u :) xx

  17. loving the white top - it really suits u :) xx

  18. Oooh gorgeous dress, you look just lovely,

    R x

  19. Love the smock!! x

  20. really nice smock it suits you well!
    Glad you had fun at GA they are awesome! x

  21. You look great:)
    Ps. great blog:)

  22. The smock suits you so well! x

  23. Too jelous of that dress, I looked at it for so long but just couldnt bring my self to spend the money on it!
    You look bloody gorgeous though & make me want to get my lip pierced x

  24. hey u look absolutely stunning!!!!!


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