FOTD - NARS Rajasthan Duo Fall 2010

I'm a huge fan of NARS eyeshadows. I love how they have such a wide range of different colours and they're incredibly pigmented. I&...

I'm a huge fan of NARS eyeshadows. I love how they have such a wide range of different colours and they're incredibly pigmented. I've actually got a few of the limited edition palettes, one of my faves is the "Pleasures of Paris" which is a staple for my make up collection. I was lucky enough to purchase it online as it was sold out in my local Selfridges.

... And you know me, I'm late for practically everything!

NARS Rajasthan Duo was out in August for the NARS Fall 2010 collection. And yes, I also had to purchase this online because surprise surprise, they were sold out in stores. It always makes me think: do people actually camp out overnight in anticipation of all these exciting releases?


The colours are are absolutely beautiful, and they really do compliment each other perfectly. The gold colour is stunning! It really does remind me of my trip to Rajasthan earlier this year, as it is practically a desert with plenty of towns and cities within it. The shade itself comes across as a metallic taupe brown, looks kind of bronze-ish, and it reminded me of MeMeMe's Blush Me in Bronze, they both look immensely similar. Maybe when I hit pan, I'll use the blusher as an eyeshadow, pow!

The other colour is a deep smokey charcoal with a hint of green to it. This colour was made to be worn in the crease and smoked out! And I do love smokey eyes, I bloody do!



MAC Studio Fix Fluid - NC37
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural - Medium Plus


MAC Mineralize Blush - Warm Soul
Sleek Contour Kit - Medium (LOVE THIS!)



NARS e/s Duo - Rajasthan
Bourjois e/s - Beige Rose
Urban Decay Liquid Liner - Black
L'oreal Voluminous Mascara - Black



Bourjois Sweet Kiss Naturel Lipstick - Rose Sensuel

I la la love the intensity of the of the eyeshadows. And the longevity of it (with primer, of course) is superb as you would expect for a high end brand. And priced at £23.00, it is worth every penny.

Did any of you guys buy this duo? Have you found any dupes for it?

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  1. You look absolutely gorgeous lovely! That eyeshadow duo is amazing! I haven't tried Nars shadows before but I might have to get my little mitts on this one as it looks beautiful! :)


  2. I'm totally jealous of your high cheekbones, wow!
    I love this look on you, I wish I'd have gotten this too. And I love the name!

  3. It's my favourite nars shadow. When I looked at mememe blush I knew it reminded me of something now I know what it is lol. I also use darker colour on lid and the gold to blend it out. X

  4. You look great. I have yet to try NARS eye shadows, will do. I'm loving their blushes though. :)

  5. Gorgeous look, gorgeous colours...I want this duo now! You look so nice with this look :)

  6. P.s your hair is longer than mine!! Lucky!

  7. @ Natalie - Hey, sweets. Thank you! They've still got some left on the website. xx

    @ Adorable On Your Vanity - Hehe, thank you! There's still some left on the website, girl! xx

    @ Makeupholic - Haha! Did you buy the MeMeMe blusher? And thanks for the tip, will be sure to try it out :) xx

    @ Tanisa - Oh! You must try their eyeshadows! And yes, their blushers are definitely the SEX! LOVE *ahem* Deep throat. Haha. xx

    @ Shameera - Thanks, love! My hair is so much shorter at the back, it's just the way my hair is cut, that's why it looks longer, heh! xx

  8. you're freakin' gorgeous!!
    I really had no desire for this duo until your seeing your photo

  9. Oh my word I love how you've done your eye shadow here! SO pretty! And the pleasures of paris palettes is one of my favorites! xx

  10. I frikin loveee nars!!!! awesome fotd! its such a wearable duo, n ur right they purfectly compliment each other x

  11. I love this look! You should do a tutorial :) Very pretty :)

  12. This looks so so stunning on you. Its making me wanna try something similar...Except mine wont come out as great..still an eyeshadow beginner.

  13. after a long time, great eye are looking very beautiful, i love your lip color too.

  14. Oh you're so flippin' glamourous! That eye makeup looks gorgeous on you, love how you've winged out the darker colour.

    What nail varnish are you wearing? Is it Nouvelle Vague? x

  15. Hey! Looking ever so gorgeous, girlie! I am loving the Rajasthan Duo, especially the darker shade, it looks awesome! xoxo

  16. How do you get your eyebrows so perfectly arched?! Wizardry?

  17. looks stunning on you! Your fotd makes me want to buy this duo :)

  18. I love your posts Halima! You look bootiful xx

  19. @ Nicole - Thank you, darl! :) xx

    @ Nicola - Thanks! :) Oh, Pleasures of paris have proven to be a staple in my collection. xx

    @ Amina - Did you end up getting hold of this duo, sweets? xx

    @ Barrtart - Yes, I might just do a tutorial on it but the technique is easy peasy. xx

    @ PnB - Oh, at times I think my eyeshadow blending skills are naff. Key is to keep practising. xx

    @ Rakhshanda - Heyyy! I know! And glad you like it, lovely. :) xx

    @ Franki - Glamourous? Am I f**k?! Haha :P My nail polish is actually by Urban Outfitters and it's called "Matt Green". Glad it looks a la Chanel. Woop! xx

    @ The Beautifier - Thanks, Doll! Oof, can imagine it looks amaaaazing on your eyes. Did you do a post on it? xx

    @ Read, Weap... Blog - Haha! I use the matt brown shade from the Sleek Storm palette to give it a bit of definition. xx

    @ Get Gawjus! - Buy it buy it BUY IT! :P xx

    @ Une Tasse - Hey, Tass! You're too bloomin' sweet, girl! xx

  20. this looks amazing!!! you've got soo much talent!! please do a review on the sleek contour kit :) xxx

  21. I juts found your blog and I gotta say that it's amazing!

    I am following your blog and I hope you will follow mine too!


  22. i love love loveeeee how u do the outer V
    i think it depends on the shadows right ,, mean u dont draw the v with black liner then add the shadows ,, just the shadows right ?

    awesome ,, i need to get me some nars eyeshadows

    btw i looked at that lipstick u told me about ,, ammm it looks REALLY similar to impassioned ,, i swear =/

    the lens filters are affordable ,, not sure how much , but cheap ,, i ordered them over a month ago =D and arrived home ,, but just got them here in dubai a week ago ,, so dont have the link ,,

    google them in =D

    super awesome ,, i dont have the money right now to get a macro lens ,, i mean real one 550$ one ,, plus i dont know which lens i want to get 1st ,, macro ,, wide angle ,, or the zoom =D

    so filters are great alternative =D

  23. I love how you have done your eye make-up. you are very pretty

  24. Love the makeup.

  25. Your eye make up just looks perfect. I really strugle to draw the smooth looking liner with the flick - if you can do a tutorial that would be great!!!


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