OOTD - Layering nudes & blacks

Why hello there! I took a lovely photo of some street I passed by earlier today: Despite it looking so bloody dreamy, it has been...

Why hello there! I took a lovely photo of some street I passed by earlier today:


Despite it looking so bloody dreamy, it has been oh so cold out there today. But I was determined not to let the chill ruin my plans for the day, oh no. Today I hit the town with a blend of black & nudes with my customary dash of bling. And you probably know full well by now I love my bling dearly. They are my little babies. I could never part from them.


Here's my outfit of the day:


Some serious posage near the recycling bins. Just doing my bit to help raise awareness.. 




Mmmm Chocolate...
Black Lace & Mesh Swing Vest - Topshop
Basic Long Nude Bodycon vest - Topshop
Cream Lace Cardigan - Topshop
Memory Almond Boots - Topshop
Black tights - Cheapo Primark
Turntable & Headphones necklace - Galibardy
Chocolate Slab two finger ring - Galibardy
Turquoise ToyWatch

That's right - I am a Topshop girl. I am not ashamed to admit it. My wardrobe consists of around 80% of Topshop gear. What I love about Topshop is that they have a high stock turnover, they are *gulp* always bang on trend, their designs are not tacky like Primark, and last but not least, the clothes are far from boring. And they have a good range of basic clothing.

Those of you that don't live in the UK, fear not! Topshop offer worldwide delivery. (I am in no way affiliated with Topshop, however, if they are reading this, HIRE ME BIATCH!.. 'kay, thx.).

Where do you guys shop from often?


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  1. LOVE your outfit, you look so pretty :D

    And thank you so much for your comment. That nail polish is very pretty, but i like it much better without the matte finisher on top. Going to post pictures of my nails with and without :)

    x Christine


  2. you are looking very pretty and fresh in this outfit..I love your finger ring!!great pics.

  3. love your outfit.. and the ring :) xx

  4. I love that outfit. The last bit made me laugh haha. That chocolate ring is lovely! I'm yet to buy something from Galibardy, but whenever I see it online i'm like *droooool* xx

  5. You accessorise so well.

    How do you do it? I always intentionally go overboard and then take a few things off but I can't imagine you having problems with accessorising.

    And lol @ the raising awareness :P

    I always try to take those sun streaming photos but they fail with a digi cam, I'm going to ask for an SLR for Xmas.

  6. you look gorgeous girl! I can't dress up half as pretty as you hehe. And that ring :O leaves me gobsmacked!

  7. Love this outfit and your jewellery, great look, i love topshop too! x

  8. You are gorgeous! I want your eyebrows. Mine just don't arch like that.

    I love your outfit. I like the white peeking out from underneath the top. I have a feeling I'd shop at Topshop non-stop if I lived in the UK...I've bought a few things since they ship internationally, but returning things isn't the easiest. I shop a lot at Urban Outfitters.

  9. awww so gorgeous ,,
    ive missed u <3
    love that top <3

  10. hey love the dress, shoes & definitely the ring! u have the most cool accessories!

  11. I love those boots and that chocolate ring is something I really want!! Girl, you have a great sense of style! keep up! xoxo

  12. Thank you, lovelies! :) xx

    @Rhamnousia - I usually accessorise quite simply. Stick on a long necklace and a big statement ring. not fussed with earrings, my hair is always covering my ears, guuh. xx


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