REVIEW: Lauren Luke - My Vintage Glams

Hey hey!   After such a miserable, dull, rainy week, the weekend has finally bought a bit of sunshine to Manchester. HUZZAH! Anyway. ...

Hey hey!
After such a miserable, dull, rainy week, the weekend has finally bought a bit of sunshine to Manchester. HUZZAH!


I bought Lauren Luke's My Vintage Glams! And Smokey Classics (Which I've not tried yet). I'm also giving away both these kits in my giveaway, so get entering ladies & gents!

I'm a big fan of Lauren and her work, she is a LEG-END amongst bloggers and youtubers. And an inspiration for 'real' women. I'm extremely proud of her work and what she has achieved. And most of you will probably know that she has her own make up line.
So far she has come out with 5 make up kits; My Luscious Greens, My Fierce Violets, My Sultry Blues, My Smokey Classics and last but not least, My Vintage Glams.

These kits have out for a while now and I've only just bought them, late for everything I am :)
As I'm obsessed with the word "Vintage", it would have been silly of me not to try out "My Vintage Glams" out first. 


I LOVE how the kit is everything you'll need to do your whole face, except foundation of course. I would so take this kit with me on holiday. Couldn't get over the fact it had 2 primers in it! and they actually work! My eyeshadow lasted the whole working day, which is 8 hours! It did fade a little but that's what I've found with most primers that I've tried and tested.

Also, included in the kit, a tube of lipgloss called "My Glossy Lips" which is £6.50 if you buy it separately. I do love the taste and texture of this gloss. Tastes sweet and feels smooth, not thick and leaves lips with the 'glass' effect shine.



Petticoat Pink - A gorgeous frosty pale pink eye shadow, I used this all over the eyelid and as a highlighter for the brow bone and inner corners.

Red Wine - Such a sultry purple colour, used as a crease colour. LOVE.
Petticoat Pink + Red Wine =


I heart this combination, it's easy peasy. And it should flatter most skin tones. Please ignore the little splodges of mascara, it is a pain when you've done your eye make up, mascara splodges go and ruin it, pfft :)


So with the eyes done, I slapped on a bit of Berry Cream blusher from the kit and slathered on love bite lip colour on, it's not as pigmented as I wanted it to be, so dabbed on Revlon's classic Red lipstick on to give it a bit more colour. I then slicked on My Glossy Lips.


And there you have it!

To sum up this kit:

1) The primer & eye shadows are definitely the stars of the show.

2) Should flatter most skin tones

3) Ace for taking on holiday as it's all in one palette! :)

4) Priced at £23.99 & My Glossy Lips comes with it for free, it is indeed a bargain!

Have you got any of Lauren Luke's kits? If not, enter my giveaway!


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  1. Hi Halima! Thanks for you comment on my blog, much appreciated. Can't believe I only just came across yours?! I love it =)

  2. Those eyeshadows look lovely on you!
    You look gorgeous xx

  3. They look gorgeous! Pretty! I might have to get this palette! It looks lovely!

  4. Hi thanks for commenting on my Blog! i have the Smokey Classics and i absolutly love it! Want to buy more but i cant get away from the M.A.C store haha!xx

  5. Thanks for you comment on my blog...I have always been waiting for your it...
    now about your post...i love the shades..these are so different not shimmery..your eye make-up..ohh awesome...can't able to tell more...

  6. What a gorgeous make-up look!


  7. Hi! New follower here! :) Beautiful look... thanks for the review! ^_^

  8. LOVe IT - So glam - this is how i rock it to work when i cant be botherd with the crazy eye malarky - simple contoured eyes and bold lippy - colour of the lips seem to change everyday

  9. i always wondered about the quality of her makeup ,, i watched her youtube videos from the beginning

    colors look gorgeous =)

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