Abu Dhabi haul!

Whilst I was in Abu Dhabi, I couldn't get over the the fact they had Forever 21 and Make Up Forever as we don't have them here i...

Whilst I was in Abu Dhabi, I couldn't get over the the fact they had Forever 21 and Make Up Forever as we don't have them here in the UK.

So I popped into Forever 21, had a little look around, the word that sprung to mind was MEH. So didn't really buy anything. On the other hand I picked up a few items from Make Up Forever. It would have been downright rude of me if I didn't! :P The counter was in a store called Paris Galleries, which reminded me of our Debenhams. :)

After reading all the raving reviews about MUFE Smoky Lash mascara, I'd have been mad not to buy this. I picked up 2 just incase, ha! It cost 100 DHS, which is like £18.

Also heard great things about MUFE Camouflage Cream too. I got this in shade 8. I badly needed a good concealer that wouldn't budge for my undereyes and pesky little acne scars on my cheeks. I tested this one out, and by jove, it did the trick nicely. Even in the blazing heat! Well, it's supposed to be waterproof.. My new HG concealer? Maybe, just maybe.

The infamous MUFE HD foundation in shade 150. I am sooo annoyed at this foundation. Why? Why I hear you say?! The lady in the store colour matched me wrong! There is too much pink in this. I was too stupid to research my shade. If I had done my research, I'd have found that I may have been shade 153, which is more yellow based. Urgh, another waste of money! If anyone would like this foundation and would like to do a swap, drop me a tweet!

After my little visit to Paris Galleries, I spotted Inglot! I hurtled towards the store without realising and later found myself keying in my pin number and walking out with yet another bright lipstick.

How sleek is the packaging, honestly? Super.

This is in shade 103. How bright does this look?! It looks like a corally red colour. How does it look on the lips?

Hello spaz face. Urgh. 

Well, don't I look happy? Heeehee. I can honestly say that I love it. It's different to all the other bright colours that I own. It's a smooth formula, smoother than Revlon's ColourBurst lipsticks, and it feels glossy. And as the colour is quite bright, it stays on the lips a good few hours. Yay!


On the last day, I popped into a local supermarket and couldn't help but notice their beauty aisle ;)

Himalaya's Nourishing Skin Cream, cost 10 DHS, which is around £1.70, not bad . Himalaya Herbals are actually an Indian company. I saw their beauty products everywhere in India. I bought this as my Shahnaz Husain's Diamond Rehydrant Lotion is running out and it's not exactly cheap to buy, sad times.

Another product from Himalaya, their Anti Hair Fall cream. This is basically a scalp mask that's supposed to strengthen and nourish the roots. Can't wait to try this one :)

And last but certainly not least, Dabur's Vatika Deep Conditioning mask. Another Indian beauty product. I've already used this. The texture of this conditioner feels waxy, but it does what it claims, nicely moisturises and conditions the hair. Will use it for a couple of weeks and see how it goes.

And there you have it!

Have you tried any of these products? What were your thoughts on them? And have you hauled lately? 

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  1. nice haul!! like i wish i was a millionnaire so i cud buy all the things everyones ever mentioned in their blogs, those 3 MUFE products are what i wanna get my hands on too ... that lippie looks fab on u!! ps my mum loves the vitika stuff x

  2. wow..you are looking fabulous...lipstick shade is a lil dark but lovely...i always love your eye makeup...i have used a lot of Himalaya products...i think these are very good....

  3. i love himalaya herbals products :) hoping to pick up some more when we go to india in august!

  4. I hate it when you get mis-matched with foundation! It always happens with stores that you can't pop back to as well! Arrrrgggghhh!!

    Love the lippie! Wish Inglot had a web based store! :(

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    Is this possible?

  6. Lovely haul! I really wanna try the MUFE smokey Lash mascara, have read fab reviews on this one. How are you finding the MUFE products girlie?
    Awwee I used to have a hair conditioner from Himilaya which I was addicted to, it was really good! Too bad that they don't sell their stuffs in the UK :(
    Love the lipstick shade on you hunny! xoxo

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  8. ohh some lovely products you got there! let us know how you get on wiv the concealer!

  9. the HD foundation is on the waiting list ,, i have allot of new foundations ,, last one i got was the MUFE matt velvet plus ,, and i love it <3

    also been wanting to get the smokey lash mascara ,, my friend recommended it for me =)

    Vatika deep hair conditioner ,, is one of my FAV hair care stuff ! i love it ,, to death ,, and the smell is to die for =D ,,, awww ,,,

    am loving your blog =D follow


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