First look at Topshop Make Up & mini haul. Eeeee!

Yes! So Topshop make up have finally been launched. I for one have been sooo excited. So on the launch day which was Wednesday this week...

Yes! So Topshop make up have finally been launched. I for one have been sooo excited. So on the launch day which was Wednesday this week, I ran over to Topshop straight after work. It was packed out! But mainly with school kids, guhh...

I took a few pictures of the collection, sorry about the poor quality, I took my old camera with me.

So there you have it! The display is really well laid out and the packaging is retro yet with a modern twist. It got me even more excited! I ended up finding myself with a basket and a couple of the items already thrown in. Then I stopped and thought to myself, "Wait a minute, what's the quality like? Am I just buying this 'cause of the packaging. Or is it because it's from Topshop so it must be good?"

So I swatched a few of the eyshadows, they were okay, but thats all they were. Was it worth the £6.00 price tag? Probably not. Although, it would make your dressing table look nice. :)

They also had a sheer foundation called "Skin Tint". There were only 4 shades to choose from: fair, light, medium & dark. I reeeeally wanted to buy one of these as summers coming up and I like light coverage at this time of the year. But unfortunately they were all too light for me, and dark was just WAY too dark, gaah!

I quite liked the look of the creamy blushers, they really caught the eye. Too many people were hovering around them though, so I'll try them out in the near future.

So after all the commotion, I only ended up buying a lipstick, nail polish & a lip polish.

Pretttyyyy! This is in shade "Desert" and it's a... wait for it... NUDE! :D

This nail polish is in shade "Parma Violets" and funnily enough, it actually looks exactly like the colour of those sweets Parma Violets!

This is the lip polish and it's in shade "Smoothie". A gorgeous pink!

I'll probably be doing a FOTD and a NOTD with these soon. So stay tuned, folks!

Have you bought any of the Topshop make up? Do you think it's worth it?

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  1. i cant wait to get my hand on the blushers! ive heard nice things about them!

    love the quick haul!!! :D looking forward to some reviews now! :D

  2. I'm planning to go with my sister in the next couple of weeks and have a look! The selection of colours looks pretty interesting, I hope I'm not dissapointed :( All of your buys are really pretty! x

  3. Love Parma Violet, so would be keen to see what it looks like on :) I actually bought Hopscotch (a light blue-grey) the other day and posted about it ( - love the colour and it lasts pretty well, although I found it stays soft for quite a while after painting.

  4. Love it!
    It looks very colourful^^


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