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Last year some time I did a bad thing. A real bad thing. I got suckered into buying some limited edition MAC products off the back of all ...

Last year some time I did a bad thing. A real bad thing. I got suckered into buying some limited edition MAC products off the back of all the usual hype. I don't usually do that, so I have no idea what possessed me to buy them (probably the beauty bloggers convinced me!)

Anyway, after all the buzz settled down and the rush faded away I realised that they weren't really all that great and were just "Okay". I stashed them away with the rest of my old, abandoned stuff and left them to gather dust.

Recently I'd been finding myself a bit bored of make-up so I was looking through my box of old, abandoned stuff and remembered my limited edition MAC pigments!

(Left) Heritage Rouge, (Right) Jardin Aires 
I found Heritage Rouge, a gorgeous maroon shade with a purplish hint to it. Also, Jardin Aires, a beautiful peachy golden colour, works great all over the eyelid and highlighting the brow bone. All of a sudden I was inspired! What would they look like together? The result:

Products used:

Lid colour - MAC Jardin Aires pigment (Limited Edition)
Crease & lower lashline - MAC Heritage Rouge pigment (Limited Edition)
Outer corner - MAC Carbon e/s
Inner corner - Bourjois little round pot e/s in Beige Rose
Waterline liner - Stila Kajal in Topaz
Eyeliner - Bourjois Liner Pinceau in Noir
Mascara - Covergirl LashBlast

Have you ever found any great products that you had hidden away and had forgot about?

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  1. I bought a lipstick by Youngblood, a brand my salon used to carry. It is a medium-deep purple red color and I have always been so nervous about trying it. I tried it once and I thought is wasn't for me, but now I put just a little on and it works out great.

  2. this look is amazing!!! you reckon you could do a picture tutorial on it or something? It's awesome for an indian bridal look! Thank you xxx

  3. Awh thanks! :) and yes, I will do. :) xx

  4. I have a lot of things chucked into my "time-out" box, specially eye-shadows. But when I rediscover them, I almost feel like I have been shopping again and found something amazing ;)

  5. How fun! The application looks awesome, too :) I don't know that I've ever done that, but now I'm wishing that last summer I had, so I could come across some fun "new" things items to use!

  6. Looking forward to the tutorial!!! I really like this look!!! As for a hidden item... I really cant think of one!! But im sure there is one!!! Maybe my collection isnt so big enough for me to forget about anything lol!!!

  7. it's a really pretty look. Gorgeous rich smokiness :)


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