Rant on GHD straighteners

I bought a pair of GHD straighteners in March. They were great at first, my hair was smooth, shiny and whatnot. After a few weeks, prod...

I bought a pair of GHD straighteners in March. They were great at first, my hair was smooth, shiny and whatnot.

After a few weeks, product began building up onto the ceramic plates. I attempted to remove it but no luck. I ended up resorting to scraping it off but some of the coating came off. Most of my other straighteners did not have this problem.
So product just kept building up, therefore my hair began looking dull and just generally unhealthy.

Anyhoo, a few weeks ago, they blew up, whilst I was straightening my hair! All I heard was this little "Poof" and saw a bit of smoke.

Seriously, if you pay over a £100 for straighteners, you'd expect it to be better quality. Clearly GHD don't understand quality.

I COULD send the straighteners back to customer services and get it repaired. And if I do, not sure I'd want to use it again.

From now on I'm sticking to Corioliss. I've had these straighteners for over 2 years and are still in mint condition, never have a problem with product build up and ohhh yeeeah, it works! :)

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  1. Ouch well i will be staying clear from GHD!
    Yes, i just love hauls!
    I have heard nothing but the best about St. Ives Apricot Scrub and will make sure to rub very gently so i dont tear my skin (it sounds painful)
    And yes i do think Clean&Clear is a little bit drying even for my oily skin!


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  2. GHD's are quite popular in the UK. Most salons use them. Apparently the whole blowing up thing is common. :O
    With ST Ives, if it does tear the skin it won't hurt, it will just leave little tears in and you won't be able to see them.


  3. I have had two pairs of GHD's, I sold the first pair after about two years of use (they're still running well, I heard) and the second pair have been going for three years now.

    I've not heard of them blowing up before, you DEFINITELY want to get them back to the manufacturer, that's not right.

    The best way to get rid of product build up, by the way is to use a piece of damp cotton wool on them when they're still a bit warm.

    I've never had a problem with mine.

  4. Definitely send them back for repair! My budget won't stretch to GHDs at the moment but I'm really happy with my Babyliss Pro 230's.

  5. @ Luce. I've tried doing that with the cotton wool but it didn't work. I even rubbed a bit of alcohol onto it with a cloth. :(
    You're soo lucky you've not had a problem with them. I've heard so much about them blowing up. You'd think for a £100 they'd be the bees knees, haha. :) xx

    @ Lipglossiping. I think it's best sticking to the Babyliss 230 - I've used them before and remember liking quite a lot. I don't think GHD's are worth it tbh. :) xx

  6. Where did you buy them from??? There is a possibility that it could be a counterfeit!!! :S

  7. I bought them from a salon. GHD suck!

  8. I thought there might have been a possibility that they might have been fake too! It's weird. I have never heard of them blowing up before. I have recently upgraded to the very sexy GHD Blue Straighteners - Serenity, after having my old Dark ones for 2 years and having no problems with them either. I would suggest you get them repaired or be cheeky and ask for a like-for-like product replacement!


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