29 June, 2016

MAKEUP // Intergalactic Glitter Explosion

Intergalactic Glitter Explosion Makeup 8_>

Hello lovelies! It's been a slow month blogging-wise, but I'm looking to make a 'comeback' in July - hopefully with a bit of a refresh on the actual layout of the blog. I'm thinking the current theme is starting to look a little dated, and it's time to bring the look of the place back up to scratch.

But this look though. Wow. I had a lot of fun making it! I was sat in front of the mirror, casually admiring myself (as you do), thinking about what makeup look I can try, when my glitterbox jumped out at me. It got me thinking, I was constantly delving into it in the Winter, always looking to add a little sparkle to my looks during the cold, dark, wet days, but now that Summer's here - allegedly, at least - I've barely even opened it!

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19 June, 2016

MAKEUP // Iridescent Eyeliners from Face Lace

Face Lace Iridescent Liner 2_

 Iridescent makeup. I am obsessed. Whether that be lipstick, lipgloss, eyeliner, eyeshadow even nail polish - I love it and I want it all. Now. The only thing is, it's a little difficult to find, and believe me, I have scoured the entire Internet in pursuit of the iridescent goodness. Along the way, I've found a few false idols and a few absolute gems - I'm thinking Inglot's AMC Lipgloss in 541, which is how I imagine the blood of Aliens to appear!

16 June, 2016

Jagua - The Safe Alternative to Black Henna


By now, I think most of my readers will be aware of Henna. I've mentioned it in a few of my posts in the past and no doubt professed my undying love for it too. It wasn't always that way though, as a kid I used to hate the stuff. I found that the smell wasn't particularly pleasant, it lingered around for days and there just wasn't anything you could do about it.

But now that I've grown up a bit, I can finally see the attraction. Some of the designs are just mind-blowing, and I think maybe that's what made me dislike it so much as a kid, there just weren't any designs out there that made that smell worthwhile. Now that my sister is a pro Henna Artist, that's all changed, and in exchange for being her hand-model, I have beautiful designs pretty much on tap!

06 June, 2016

REVIEW & MAKEUP LOOKS // Lime Crime Velvetines in Zenon

Lime Crime Velvetine Zenon Review (2 of 2) 

You guys should probably know by now - I'm a Lime Crime enthusiast!

Ever since purchasing my first Velvetine Liquid Lipstick in Red Velvet which I reviewed here, I have just gone back for more and more.

Lime Crime have since expanded their range of Velvetines from the Red Velvet days and now have a whopping total of 31 (including the latest Two Moods Duo) shades in their Velvetines range! Not only that, they've also discontinued the Unicorn Lipsticks which I am GUTTED about, Airborne Unicorn to this day is still one of my favorite lipsticks of all time.