27 April, 2016

HOLOGRAPHIC ALERT // Getting Sticky with Face Lace SS16

Face Lace Spring Summer 2016 (5 of 7)

Aren't stickers just amazing? They're so versatile. You can make notes on them, you can put them somewhere to remind of you of things and you can even put them on your face! Whilst in Japan I was constantly on the lookout for the most kawaii stickers possible (plot twist: I found loads), and even found the time to plonk a few on my face during the trip.

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24 April, 2016

Chi Chi London: My Own Personal Fairy Godmothers

Chi Chi Jessa Dress (9 of 9) 

It's been a while since I last put up a 'normal' post, the last couple were about my time in Tokyo and Hiroshima & Hakone, and my next one after this will probably be about Kyoto, so I thought I'd sneak something in a bit less far-eastern! It's taken me ages to sort out all these holiday photos, partly because there were so many, and partly because I was too busy with life.

06 April, 2016

Lima Does Japan // Hakone and Hiroshima

Downtown Hiroshima

I hope you all enjoyed my previous post on Tokyo, and had your appetite for Japan thoroughly whetted! The thing about Japan though, is that whilst Tokyo is an absolute mega-city, in every sense of the word, there's an awful lot more to see and do elsewhere. And this is perhaps where Japan really comes in to it's own as a nation, because intercity travel doesn't feel like a chore, as it does in Britain, it actually feels... good?!

27 March, 2016

Lima Does Japan // Tokyo - The City of Dreams


Japan. Yes I did it, and actually I'm still reeling from the fact that I did it. We all have bucket lists, places we simply must visit, things we absolutely must do, sights we must see. But in reality, how often do we actually go for it?