26 March, 2015

REVIEWS: NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation


Hello hello!

Wow, it's only just clicked that it's been a little while now since my last post, but I have my reasons! First off, I landed myself an amazing contractor role a few weeks back and I'm currently trying to get the whole work/life balance thing working again. Secondly, I buggered off to Dubai for my Birthday! It had been TWO WHOLE YEARS since my last holiday, so I think it was well deserved - photos up soon, fingers crossed!

01 March, 2015



Hi all!

After taking a whole month off, I'm back! In fairness to myself, February has been hectic. So whilst I may not have been blogging, I can assure you I've been mega-busy! Tomorrow I dive back in to the world of work as a contractor - 'What about all these creative projects you've promised us?' I hear you say. Well, all creative projects need funding, and this job ought to do that and then some!

02 February, 2015

REVIEWS | Lime Crime Velvetines Cashmere


Lime Crime's latest batch of Velvetines has sparked quite a bit of interest in the blogging world following on from the launch. The entire Velvetines range, from its beginnings with Red Velvet to the slightly more recent Clueless Witch Collections have all sold like hotcakes and I have to say I really do get it.

30 January, 2015

Top 10 Haircare Products for Bleached / Pastel / Mermaid / Unicorn hair!


A few weeks back I posted a review of Tigi's Copyright Colour bleach, revealing just how incredible a job it does of bleaching the hair yet still leaving it in good condition. The thing is, you can never be complacent with hair, particularly when it has been bleached. So I feel it only right that I look after my lovely readers by treating them to a mammoth post on haircare!

My fellow pastel princesses, mermaidians, unicornians and bleached bombshells will understand the struggle and the pain of bleached, damaged, brittle hair! The photos may look all glam, and beautiful and effortless, but ladies: THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.