23 April, 2014

NEW IN // Unicorn Heeled Shoes!


Hello hello! 

Like the new shoes?

Blogging about shoes is definitely a rarity for me, I'm just not that crazy about them to be honest. With all the make-up looks I create and the bright and bold outfits I wear, shoes tend to be more of an afterthought. When it comes to my feet, I'm typically a Primark kinda gal with the odd pair of heels from ASOS as a luxury.

20 April, 2014

Mini Egg Inspired look featuring Inglot's AMC Gel Liners!


I love eye liners. They're like a mixture of oxygen and crack: I need them to live and they're highly addictive!

Last weekend I took the train down to London for my girl Amina's wedding, whilst I was there though I took out some time to meet up with the lovely Sheenie from Just Nice Things. Of course, what should happen when two bloggers get together in central London? Shopping! I wanted to head over to Inglot for their Gel Liners, though I have to admit I'm no fan of their AMC black gel liner as it dries out too quick, becoming too thick to use.

09 April, 2014

Faux Chanel No5 Perfume Bottle Phone Case!


It's become part of my Saturday ritual now, walking along Manchester's Market Street negotiating a circled crowd of people looking on as a teenager either beatboxes, sings, plays guitar, juggles a football or does all at the same time whilst I'm trying to get to where I want to go. Lately though, I've noticed a bit of an influx all over the city centre of pop-up stalls selling all manner of phone cases ranging from cheap and tacky £1 cases through to expensive and tacky £20 cases. It just proves that trends are truly cyclical, I remember in my teens the big buzz was all about Nokia 3210 fascias!

07 April, 2014

OUTFITS // The Eye of Horus... And Friends


It's quite rare that I'll be wandering my way down the high street and come across an item of clothing that screams at me: 'online'. I've wrote about this quite a lot recently, but the high street retailers have developed this habit of sticking to 'safe' items, meaning their ranges are often quite inoffensive and generally just bland.