25 November, 2014

Back To The Future


Ok, first up, let me just give you advance notice that there'll be no hoverboards or crazy time travelling scientists in this post. Sorry. :P

As my regular readers will know, I gave up the ghost on blogging a couple of months ago. For me, it was something that had served its purpose and there was nothing left for me to gain from continuing. It was my own personal journal, and I take pride in the fact you can see how I've progressed over the 5 or so years it's been running.

07 September, 2014

The End of An Era?


Well, the title may sound a little dramatic, but I think my blogging era is definitely in its final throes. I remember starting this blog way back in 2009, at the time I felt like there wasn't a great deal of products out there for darker skinned women, that almost everything out there was aimed at white women. Even the blogging world was that way too, very few Asian women I could look to for advice, reviews or tips. So I thought: 'Fuck it, I'll start my own one!'

05 July, 2014

Futuristic Makeup // Liquid Silver Eyes and Black Inked Lips!


I don't know about you, but whenever I see silver I can't help but associate it with the future. And when I do project in to the future (which happens pretty often!), the colours in my mind are quite cool toned and silver always features prominently. 

Many people tend to match their make up to their mood, to their hair or to their outfit, but I find that I match my make up to the music I'm listening to. My taste now is much more eclectic than it was 10 years ago and lately I've been getting familiar with the dreamy, electronic tones of synth. The better songs create mythical landscapes in the mind of the listener.

30 June, 2014

BURLESQUE // FACE Lace by Phyllis Cohen & IMATS!


Face Lace have very quickly propelled themselves to Number One in my list of favourite brands from quite literally nowhere. Ok, that's a bit of lie - I hate lists. But if I did keep a list, they'd be right at the top. It wasn't until February that I even knew they existed, I spotted their work on show as part of the Liz Black display at Freemason's House, where they collaborated and created bespoke Lobster and Ant stickers for the face, as well as doing the make-up.

The face art immediately caught my eye, as I'd been taking on a more artistic approach to make-up myself and what Face Lace did really struck a chord with me, nevermind that it worked perfectly with Liz Black's collection!