25 May, 2015

Making Tap Water Exciting with the Kilner Glass Drinks Dispenser!

Hello Hello!

I've picked up a bit of a bad habit of late - I keep seeking out homeware stores, having a good wander around every single aisle and buying lots of pretty things! I suppose it's not that much of a bad habit, because my house is starting to feel much more like my own space.

I popped into Dunelm last week, after hearing (and smelling) some good things about Wax Lyrical's Reed Diffusers. My sisters are currently obsessing over them and practically forced my nose into the bottle so I could get a sniff. Anyway, I shoved five into the basket and was browsing around when I came across a little stand for Kilner's.

Kilner's is a real old-school brand dating back to 1842, specialising in glass bottles and jars. I feel like they're a brand that subconsciously everybody has heard of, and even if you haven't directly heard of them, you'll have probably reaped the benefits of their innovation at some point in your life. Presented on their stand was all manner of swing top bottles, clip top jars and jam jars - they all look so homely and stir up seemingly distant memories of British summers.


20 May, 2015

OUTFITS | Catching the Light


I hate bandwagons. With a passion. Yet here I am, on the lilac bandwagon, bandwagoning away happily. In my defence though, I've always loved lilac, and my hair's been lilacy for quite some time. So yeah, leave me alone!

ASOS had their mammoth sale, maybe a month ago? I can't remember really, and it's not important. But what is important, is I hauled. I hauled real bad. I thought I'd keep it structured, I even made a plan: Only look at the sale items.

13 May, 2015

HOW TO: Mermaid Glitter Tears


I've been living in my new house for about 6 months now, but in a weird way I still get that 'new house' vibe from it. Probably because when we moved, I never really did that whole spring cleaning thing where you chuck out all the old junk you don't want to take. Oh no, I took it all! But a few weeks back I finally summoned the courage, yes courage, to do some spring cleaning of my make up.

It was a harrowing experience, going through at least 6 years worth of collected makeup. It was full of products that I'd bought ages ago, tried once or twice and hated yet decided to keep for no apparent reason - but even worse were the products that I loved at one point that were no longer usable. I said a little prayer for those ones.

06 May, 2015

TRAVEL | Dubai - The Land of Ambition!


Yep, I buggered off to Dubai - again.

It's been a couple of years since I last went abroad, March 2013 to be precise, and I really wanted to get away from cold, miserable Britain at least for a week. Instead of going somewhere that demands a lot of effort and planning (like Israel/Palestine last time out), I thought we could do with something a bit more relaxing, where I won't return home more exhausted than I left.