27 July, 2015

OUTFITS // Blazing the Iridescent Trail


It's not too long ago that I was singing the praises of Depop on the blog, but I have to say when it comes to clothes I've just gone off it a bit lately. As with any of these websites where you buy secondhand goods from complete randomers, it's always a bit hit and miss. Before I used to justify it by telling myself that the hits were worth all of the very many misses, but there's only so many disappointments one can take. I'm not saying I'll never buy from Depop again - don't be silly! But it will take something very special indeed.

24 July, 2015

Oud Ispahan by Christian Dior


When it comes to blogging, I find that the most difficult part of the 'job' is finding the time to blog about everything I want to. It's so difficult, in fact, that I fail in that respect. The mind of a blogger is constantly swimming with ideas, which is no bad thing at all - you just have to accept that the mind moves faster than reality, and you'll never achieve everything your mind wants you to. I'd probably be more worried if the ideas started to dry up, that's when it'd be time to pack up my camera, my laptop and head off into that dreamy sunset.

15 July, 2015

REVIEWS | Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Backstage Bambi


I still don't really understand the name, but I've got to admit it: I love a bit of Depop!

One of the (many) problems with living in the UK is the lack of availability of some pretty popular makeup brands, particularly if you don't happen to live in the London bubble. If you want to get hold of the likes of Lime Crime, Jeffrey Star, Kat Von D or LA Splash in the UK - though it's possible - it's not exactly straightforward. This is where Depop comes into its own!

08 July, 2015

Casual Racism in the Beauty Industry

I tidied up my dressing table for this

So, I was reading this week's Stylist magazine, after a tip-off from Stephanie that she may well be featured within. The piece that I was most interested in centred around the beauty industry and the
under-representation of people of colour. I've been talking about this for quite some time on Twitter, and my girl LaaLaa Monroe wrote a great post from the heart on the matter (LINK), so I kind of felt myself glowing as I was reading! Anyways, it got me a-thinking, so I thought I'd share with my lovely, conscientious readers! :-)

Casual (or Everyday) Racism Exists

The writer did a great job of highlighting a few of the smaller, more banal issues that add up to form part of the wider issue. In fact, I can't recall ever noticing before that plasters were by default made for white skin tones, I had just accepted that colour without even thinking that it wasn't right, after all 'It's the way things are, right?' And this attitude sums up 'New Era' racism pretty perfectly actually.