11 February, 2016

REVIEWS // MooGoo's Udderly Brilliant Brightening Cream


Well, I have to say that it's about bloody time I reviewed this cream. I've been using it consistently for months now, and it's pretty much on its last legs.

I first came across MooGoo last year whilst looking for something containing Vitamin C for around the eyes. My skin reacted really well to Perricone MD's Vitamin C Ester Serum, but the beauty junkie within me obviously had to seek out something different, something better perhaps. So I scoured the internet and found MooGoo. I think I was drawn in at first by the name, the simple nature of the packaging and had a little look around.

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07 February, 2016

ASOS Cat & Mouse Flats - Size Does Matter!


It was at my work's Christmas do, when I spotted that one of my colleagues was wearing the most gorgeous pair of shoes. They were the Incense Melissa Cat heels: a simple black court style shoe with outrageously high heels and metal cat ears - simply divine!

After bowing down to her superior ability to walk in heels of such towering height, and being genuinely captivated by them, she started telling me about her vast collection of weird and wonderful shoes. I'm thinking that I'll have to pay her wardrobe a visit and cry over such a gathering of unique footwear.

04 February, 2016

OUTFITS // The One The Bargain Hunters Forgot


Do you remember the Boxing Day Sales? I know it feels like the entire run up to Christmas and New Year and even beyond into the new year is one huge, elongated sale period, but the Boxing Day sale does exist still within this mish-mash of money off bonanzas. 

01 February, 2016

MAKEUP LOOKS // Glittery Two Toned Eyeshadow inspired by Kat Von D!


Kat Von D is an absolute babe. I don't even like using the word babe, but I save it for special people - and she is most certainly deserving of that label!

One of her signature looks is of course the Two Toned Eyes - if you give that a quick Google, you'll pretty quickly see (amongst the countless imitations) a lot of photos of her with blue eyeshadow on one eye and yellow on the other. It's so simple, yet so, so beautiful.