26 November, 2015

NYX Now Stocked in Boots Manchester, UK + HAUL!


Something that pretty much every makeup or beauty addict on either side of the Atlantic Ocean can relate to is that one amazing brand that's stuck all the way on the other side of the pond with no outlets on your side. There's simply no other way to put this: It's just not fair.

17 November, 2015

MAKEUP // Henna Designs on Thy Face


I'm not sure that words can describe just how much I love Mehndi, or Henna as it's also known. It was all so different when I was a youngster, and I think there were three main reasons for that: 1.) Everybody had their Mehndi done, and I was a bit of a rebel, 2.) The scent of it just made me gag and 3.) Those round discs on the palm. If you're Asian, you'll know exactly what I mean. If you're not, basically it was the 'in' thing back then, to force your children to have a big circular splodge of henna slopped on to their palms. It was horrific, truly.

12 November, 2015

IRIDESCENT // Shattered Glass Nails


I know right. Another nail post. But don't worry, I'll be laying off the nail posts after this one to concentrate on more interesting things, I promise! The reason I'm putting this one up though is that by now some of you may already know that I'm obsessed with iridescense. From lampshades, to parkas, to makeup bags, to eyeshadows and now, to nails!

10 November, 2015

Shape, Size, Colour, Tastes, Beliefs - One Cause


Right, this isn't gonna be your ordinary outfit post - I've got a few things on my mind that I want to share with you all, so I'll be trying to keep it brief. Hopefully it will resonate with at least one person and make some kind of difference!

Firstly, It doesn't take a genius to realise that the old phrase 'Birds of a Feather Stick Together' applies in life. People of similar colours, nationalities, religions, tastes, beliefs, shapes and sizes have an obvious commonality which makes them prime candidates for friendship, advice and guidance. This is genuinely a wonderful thing - there's always someone out there to support, you are never truly alone.