Skin care... again!

So I made a post not too long ago about my current skin care regime. Sad to say that I've not been sticking to it, well I use everythin...

So I made a post not too long ago about my current skin care regime. Sad to say that I've not been sticking to it, well I use everything except Alpha-H and the sunscreen. :(

I think Alpha H Balancing moisturiser has been breaking me out. Or maybe it's the olive oil? But I'm pretty sure it must be Alpha-H because I've always used olive oil. Okay, I've made up my mind, it is definitely Alpha-H that is breaking me out. Haha. :)

I needed something to get my acne under control. So..

When I was out Grocery shopping, I picked up two skin creams imported from India, they cost under £3.00 each. I've used 1 of them before and I was quite pleased with it. The texture of the creams are quite similar to Vicco turmeric. Quite good for a make up base as they're non greasy and fairly matte.

They're both from Emami. Not sure if they're as popular as Fair & Lovely though.

For those that don't know what Fair & lovely is, it's a beauty company in India that specialise in fairness creams, they are incredibly popular. But tbh, it doesn't lighten the skin. If you look at the ingredients, the only lightening ingredient I see is Niacinamide (Vitamin B3). IMO, it doesn't lighten the skin, but it helps acne, like most of these fairness creams. If you would like any more info on F&L.


Emami Naturally Fair Pearls Intensive Herbal Fairness Cream
I used this when I was in India, I liked it. I do remember my skin looking less oily and spot free. I also used it as a make up base.
The cream contains Pearl Dust, Coconut water, , Saffron, Aloe Vera, Liquorice, Rose water, Sandalwood, Chamomile, Wheatgerm & Cucumber. It also contains Titanium Dioxide which is basically sunblock. IMO it's better than sunscreen as they use chemicals that absorb UV light, whilst Titanium Dioxide just blocks out the UV rays. :)

Emami Gold Turmeric Skin Cream With 24K Gold 
Another turmeric cream! :) Turmeric is used quite a lot in the east, in food, in creams, healing wounds and even fading scars! A friend of mine (Yes that's you, K :P) mixes a bit of turmeric with yogurt and applies it to her skin as a face mask, she actually has quite nice skin. :)
This cream has gold ash in, along with Sandalwood, Marigold, Grape Seed Oil & Saffron. BTW, If you want to know the benefits of these particular ingredients, google is your friend :P I can't see any sunblock in this.

I tested the cream last night and it's very, very similar to Emami's Pearl cream.

Anyways, I shall be using these for the next few weeks and will give you the verdict. Stay tuned, folks! :)

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